What Are The Alternatives To Treating Myopia?

Mr Glenn Carp – “The alternatives to treating myopia apart from Laser Eye Surgery is essentially to use an internal lens, which can therefore correct the prescription. These lenses can be in the form of what is akin to an internal contact lens, they can clip onto the iris itself or they can be positioned between the iris and the lens. Alternatively, the len is itself can be replaced by an artificial lens, which in itself can also correct for the refractive error.”

Alternative Treatments For Myopia Explained Further…

Optometrists traditionally treat the disease, in all but it most extreme forms (above -12.50 dioptres), with glasses or contact lenses. This makes myopia an ideal condition to treat with either LASIK or PRK. We can treat more severe myopic prescriptions beyond -14 dioptres, but in these specific cases, we usually recommend Intra-ocular lenses (IOL).

Mr Glenn Carp highlights some alternatives to treating the disease.

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The treatment has transformed my life. As someone who has extremely shortsighted and totally reliant on glasses and contact lenses (with all the paraphanalia these entail) I feel liberated. The best thing I’ve ever done.– Susan Wheatley

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