What Eye Conditions Might Make One Unsuitable For Laser Eye Surgery?

Mr Glenn Carp – “Probably 99% of people are candidates for the treatment nowadays with modern technology.  The main eye conditions that we are looking for preoperatively before we do the surgery procedure is to make sure that people have sufficient corneal tissue for the treatment, although that is not a contraindication itself, it is just to see if the full prescription can be treated, but more importantly to make sure there are no weak spots within the cornea.  Genetic eye conditions like keratoconus for example whereby patients have an inherent weak spot within the cornea, these weakened areas can be exacerbated through having had Laser Eye Surgery and that is why there is such a rigorous screening process before the treatment to exclude these eye conditions.  Other eye conditions such as preoperative dry eye, excessive dry eye if that can be optimised before the surgery may also make people unsuitable and of course if people have inflammatory conditions, which are not controlled.  There are other situations, thankfully quite rare, whereby people may not be suitable for these treatments.”

Eye Conditions Making One Unsuitable For Laser Eye Surgery Explained Further…

Our laser eye surgeons are equipped to undertake some of the toughest Laser Eye Surgery cases, however, there are still some people that they cannot treat.

Obviously, this can come as a disappointment to some patients who are extremely motivated to have their vision corrected.

Fortunately, for some, certain eye conditions are only a temporary barrier, and with our help, some of these patients do eventually qualify. The website contains a list of potentially disqualifying eye conditions that you can read about if you have any doubts as to your suitability. If you find that you have any of these conditions, you will want to tell your Patient Care Coordinator at your first phone call.

Mr Glenn Carp talks about conditions which might make one unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery.

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