What Conditions Make One Unsuitable For Laser Eye Surgery?

A huge proportion of the population lives with a refractive error that can significantly affect their vision. In many cases, glasses or contact lenses may have been adopted for years to address these issues – but is there another option?

From long- and short-sightedness to astigmatism and presbyopia, a growing number of patients have now successfully received Laser Eye Surgery treatment. In fact, treatment is now more accessible than ever before; but there are some things to bear in mind.

There are some medical conditions – including some eye conditions – that may affect your suitability for Laser Eye Surgery. Nonetheless, here at London Vision Clinic, we are proud to use the best technology in the industry which, paired with the expertise of our surgeons, allows us to treat more people than most other clinics.

London Vision Clinic surgeons Glenn Carp and Professor Dan Reinstein discuss the most common conditions that render patients unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery:

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Glenn explains that, with the help of state-of-the-art technology, we are able to treat around 99% of people with Laser Eye Surgery. A category of conditions that may be more likely to make you unsuitable for treatment is those that affect the cornea. Furthermore, having insufficient corneal tissue, while not a contraindication in itself, may make treatment more difficult.

Eye conditions such as keratoconus, which can cause inherent weak spots in the cornea, can also make you unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery.

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But, it isn’t just underlying health conditions that can affect your suitability for treatment. As Prof. Dan Reinstein explains in the video above, pregnant and breastfeeding people may also be unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery. It is recommended that Laser Eye Surgery be delayed until you have given birth and have finished breastfeeding. This is because the hormones produced when you are pregnant and breastfeeding can affect the stability of your prescription.

If you have an eye disease, you may immediately assume that you will not be suitable for treatment. However, if the condition does not affect the corneas, it may well be perfectly safe for you to have treatment – your suitability will be determined by a surgeon on a case-by-case basis.

Conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and arthritis can make Laser Eye Surgery more difficult; but, under the expert surgical care at London Vision Clinic, these conditions won’t necessarily restrict you from receiving treatment.

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