What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For The Initial Screening?

Mr Glenn Carp– “Your patient care coordinator will be able to advise you on any specifics that are required before the initial screening.  In some patients their refractive history is of an advantage whereby we can contact your local optician and gather your previous refractive history from them.  It helps with ascertaining your suitability for the surgery as well as in planning your actual treatment in terms of accuracy of the outcome, but any other specific medical conditions that need to be looked into in more detail.  These types of extra bits of information will be conveyed to you before the actual initial screening process.”

Initial Screening Explained Further…

Your first step is to contact a Patient Care Coordinator by calling 0207 224 1005 or emailing us to arrange for this appointment. The Patient Care Coordinator will ask you a series of questions that are necessary to create your file, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions as well. Many patients have asked if they need to bring past prescriptions to the initial screening. While past prescriptions are helpful, we do not rely on these to plan or treatment, and will always perform our own tests based on our screening protocol. In terms of contact lenses, all you need to do is take them out on the morning of your initial screening. There are more stringent requirements for contact lens removal prior to surgery, but these are not necessary for the screening. You may also want to bring your glasses with you to the initial screening. It would be helpful if you could read about the procedure (i.e. the UK Guide to Laser Eye Surgery) prior to your consultation, but not entirely necessary as everything will be explained at your consultation. If you intend on booking your ophthalmic exam and/or surgical appointment, you should bring your diary and a method of payment with you in order to make the necessary arrangements.

Mr Glenn Carp talks about preparing for the initial screening at the London Vision Clinic.

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Everything was very straight forward and I felt completely informed and put at ease by staff. The results are amazing, I can see better now than with contact lenses! I would recommend the surgery to anyone.– Elinor Williams

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