What If I’m Found Unsuitable For Laser Eye Surgery, What Are My Options Then?

Mr Glenn Carp – “Depending on the reason for your unsuitability for laser surgery there may be lots of other options available to you.  In some patients they have healthy corneas and healthy eyes but there may not be sufficient tissue to treat a full prescription.  In those patients intra-ocular lenses may be of more benefit.  Other patients who have medical conditions relating to the health of the eye may be candidates for other types of treatments or in some cases may not be and essentially the whole idea of laser eye surgery is improving the vision within a reasonable amount of risk.  If the risk is too high those patients are perhaps better off with their current habitual glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision.”

Suitability Explained Further…

If you are found unsuitable for laser eye surgery at London Vision Clinic, the optometrist can advise you on alternative treatment options which may include intra-ocular lenses or other procedures based on findings at the initial screening. Some contraindications may be temporary, and we may suggest you see us again at another time.

Mr Glenn Carp describes options if you are found unsuitable for laser eye surgery.

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I didn’t think it was possible due to my high prescription. I have worn glasses from the age of 2- wow, what a difference. I’d recommend this clinic above all others.– Anthony Avon

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