What Is The Importance Of Laser Eye Surgery Treatment Time?

Prior to performing any procedure on any patient a safety check needs to be performed. We will check not only the actual laser equipment itself, but all the instruments that are used during the actual Laser Eye Surgery processes too. A majority of these checks are carried out by the nursing staff, which are then double checked by the surgeon. When it comes to the actual lasering process, the profiles that we have generated for each patient are checked for a third time by one of our laser technicians. As a result of our extensive checking process, we leave very little room for error.

Treatment Time Explained Further…

While the actual laser treatment itself is not painful, the other processes that happen during treatment do cause discomfort. The faster a laser treats your eyes, the more comfortable you will be. There is also evidence that faster treatment means faster recovery.

Mr Glenn Carp explains the requirement for safety check of equipment used for Laser Eye Surgery. Click to see the video.

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“I waited over 8 years when choosing to have my eyes corrected on the basis that I wanted the be sure I chose the best surgeon. It was worth the wait and I have been impressed by the quality of care and the peace of mind that all the staff help provide.” -Colin Loth. 

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