What Is The Importance Of Safety Tests?

Prior to performing any part of the procedure, every single surgery requires extensive safety checks.  We check and re-check all of the patients’ measurements, as well as the equipment and instruments used during the procedure.

These checks are done not only by the our optometrists, nursing team, and laser technicians, but also personally by the surgeon performing the procedure. We are absolutely committed to operating well within safety parameters: we never compromise on this principle, and we demonstrate it through an almost obsessive ritual of double and triple checking every decision we make.

In order to totally minimise any risk of human or technical error, we refuse to rely on any single person’s judgement alone.

Every time the laser is used, we first test it on a calibration foil as a final check. This feature enables the surgeon to test-drive the laser, essentially showing how the beam will act when it touches the eye.

Mr Glenn Carp explains the importance of safety checks during Laser Eye Surgery.

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