What Kind Of Laser Do You Use In The Laser Eye Treatment?

The laser that is used is an ultraviolet light. It is ultraviolet light at 103 nanometres. It is a specific wavelength which is absorbed very efficiently by the cornea. It is an extremely light touch laser and doesn’t cause any harm.  You can put your hand under it and nothing happens.

Laser Eye Surgery Technology Explained Further…

Our laser eye surgeons use the Carl Zeiss MEL 80 laser because it features the latest advances in laser technology, and brings the clearest advantages and highest benefits for their patients.

Discussions about excimer laser technology can get technical. Here we discuss some key aspects that will give you the ability to make an informed decision about any treatment you are considering. The important thing to remember is that a good laser is important, but finding a laser eye surgeon who has the experience and expertise to use that laser is critical to successful treatment.

From a patient’s perspective, four areas differentiate lasers in use for Laser Eye Surgery. These are:

Professor Dan Reinstein explains the kind of laser that is used in the laser eye treatment. Click to see the video.

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