When Can I Have An Initial Screening?

Mr Glenn Carp – “All patients intending to have laser eye surgery, the choice of making that initial step to undergo screening is an important one.  It is very important that all patients have a very good understanding of what they are getting themselves involved in and that is really what the initial screening is about.  So, we ask all patients before thinking about undergoing any formal surgery to go through the initial screening process, not only to learn if they are suitable for treatment, but also to learn about the procedure itself.  In other words, they then can make a true reflection as to whether this is something that they would like to undertake or not.”

Initial Screening Explained Further…

We hold initial screenings from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 3pm.

Mr Glenn Carp explains when you could have an initial screening.

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The treatment is very quick and pain free and I would urge anyone contemplating eye surgery to contact the London Vision Clinic and arrange for a consultation. For most of my life I have had to put up with high prescription glasses. Now I can participate in activities that I never would have dreamed of previously before surgery.– Michael Kershaw

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