Our Approach Is The Best Laser Eye Surgery Treatment For Your Vision

Isabella shares why she chose the London Vision Clinic for her Laser Eye Surgery. Isabella has a unique and high prescription. She is short-sighted and has a lot of astigmatism. She speaks about her experiences, when she started to search for a Laser Eye Surgery clinic that could help her. Also, eye surgeon Glenn Carp, speaks about Isabella’s eye conditions and her unique surgery.

Isabella’s Laser Eye Surgery Search

Isabella: I looked through the internet, you know you get adverts now on TV and if you just type in laser surgery it’s all a sales trip. That was my general feeling, we can do one eye for £295! With a little star next to it and I know it’s just not going to happen, not with my prescription.

Glenn Carp: Isabella has a particularly unique prescription on her own, because she has a very high prescription. She is quite shortsighted and she has a lot of astigmatism as well. She is the equivalent of someone who is around about minus nine, minus ten.

Isabella: Yeah, you will phone them up expecting to get a price as well that and they turn around and say, no, no, no it’s going to be thousands more … because I’ve got such a bad prescription.

Isabella Speaks About Her Customer Experiences At The London Vision Clinic

Whereas you look at the London Vision websites and speak to the people on the phone they don’t immediately throw the price in, they don’t immediately throw in, oh we can do it, no credit. That’s not the first thing they’re saying. The first thing they are asking about is your vision.

I mean obviously there’s people out there who would love to be able to get their eye done for 200 quid, but it’s one of your senses! It’s one of your five senses and without it, if it went wrong just because they wanted to push through that sale, because that person on that phone wants to get their commission … that’s the rest of my life basically!

Whereas the London Vision Clinic they weren’t like that. All the scans that they did before to check my eyes, I was put in front of all sorts of machines to check the axis of my eye, thickness of the cornea, telling me about my stigmatism, how my eyes react to light. I think I was sat in front of about six or seven machines. They told me far more about the history of my eyes than even my optician has told me.

Mr Glenn Carp Tells Isabella What To Expect During Laser Eye Surgery

Glenn Carp: Very good, the surgery itself does not hurt, you may feel a little bit of pressure on the eye for a few seconds at certain stages, but I’ll be talking to you the whole way through, so there’s no surprises okay?

Isabella: Okay…it’s a dream that I’ve had ever since I was a kid. Why did I have to be the one that couldn’t see? So, I want to be able to see.