PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision Can Help Ken To Overcome His Presbyopia

The following video recorded a patient’s Pre-Laser Eye Surgery experiences. In it, Ken Hames, a motivational speaker and television presenter, tells why he had chosen the London Vision Clinic and a revolutionary Laser Eye Surgery technique, PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision to overcome his presbyopia (ageing eyes). Laser eye surgeon Mr Glenn Carp explains the treatment blended vision profile, which has been developed by Professor Reinstein, and is used exclusively at the London Vision Clinic.

Ken: The London Vision Clinic was recommended to me by a friend. Now Professor Dan Reinstein, one of the leading exponents of Laser Eye Surgery, a leading surgeon in the world, had set up this clinic in London and a friend of mine said, wow, you need to go down there because you’re really going to enjoy the experience. Now, I thought that was a bit, you know, strange that you should enjoy this experience, but having been down to the London Vision Clinic, it has been a fantastic experience.

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Ken About The Process At The Clinic

Ken: The process that precedes Laser Eye Surgery is very thorough and at the London Vision Clinic, when you get down there for your first interview, they talk to you in great detail about what it entails. They talk to you about the process, they talk to you about the recovery period and there’s bags of reassurance because it’s quite a scary thing to do. They show you all of the equipment and they test your eyes thoroughly making sure that you are a suitable candidate.

About PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision And What It Can Do For Ken

Glenn Carp: What we like to offer our patients is as much freedom from glasses as possible and one of the profiles that was developed by Professor Reinstein, and is used exclusively here at the London Vision Clinic, is what we call a blended vision profile. Come take a seat please, right, excellent.

Ken: Yeah, thanks very much.

Glenn Carp: What it allows patients is both distance and reading even after the age that one’s reading has tended to drift out.This is achieved by focusing the dominant eye for distance, the non-dominant eye for near, but we do it in such a way as to increase the zoom capability of the cornea, so that there isn’t such a big difference between the eyes. The idea of blended vision is to obviously give you the best of both worlds, okay. With the right eye for distance and the left eye more focused for near.

Ken: Yeah, fantastic, yeah.

Glenn Carp: Okay and that way we can get rid of all of your glasses’ needs and also the need for any contact lenses.

Ken: Having been down the London Vision Clinic and met my surgeon, Glenn Carp, I’m now feeling really confident about the procedure. I’ve been through all of the diagnostics and I’m going to go down there soon and have my Laser Eye Surgery and I’m going to come out of the other end and be able to see where I’m going.