Will There Be Any Pressure To Have The Laser Eye Treatment While I Attend The Initial Screening?

Mr Glenn Carp – “There should be no pressure on the patient whatsoever at any stage prior to them having treatment, so this goes not only at the initial screening consultation but also in terms of phone calls to the clinic prior to treatment and on meeting the treating surgeon as well.  This is an elective process, Laser Eye Surgery, and obviously on that basis, patients should only be prepared to go ahead with their treatment once they are feeling comfortable and secure in their decision.”

Initial Screening Explained Further…

No. We do not put pressure on anyone to have treatment. In fact, we have declined to treat patients who we feel are not ready for treatment, even after finding them medically suitable.

Laser Eye Surgery is an elective procedure and there is no need to have it done sooner than later. The sooner one has the procedure, the sooner the benefits will be realised, but only the patient can make this decision. Our goal at the initial screening, and in fact throughout the entire patient process, is to give you as much information as required to make an informed decision.

Mr Glenn Carp explains what to expect at the initial screening and the no pressure atmosphere. .

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I recommend the service to all who are interested in the procedure. It is completely painless and all the staff are very professional in their approach, particularly to patient aftercare.– Graham Cole

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