You’ve Gotta Have A Hobby

Glenn Carp casts his line

For Dr Dan it’s the saxophone and for Glenn Carp it’s all about outdoor sports and a special passion for fly fishing.

Anybody in a demanding, absorbing profession that calls for total, unwavering concentration will understand the need for a hobby. And not just any pastime will do. While knitting a scarf or baking biscuits might provide a temporary diversion, they could never allow for the necessary total switch off from the demands of Laser Eye Surgery for instance. To tick all the boxes, for these London Vision Clinic surgeons, the hobby needs to be challenging either physically or mentally or both. It must be able to take the person literally right out of themselves.

Dr Dan’s fascination for music is only surpassed by his passion for Laser Eye Surgery and its ongoing research. Anyone who has seen him perform at the 606 Club or the Summer BBQ cannot fail to be impressed by his dedication to his craft.

From the mountains of Africa and India let’s  picture  the sort of  idyllic scene that comes to mind if you think about ”England’s green and pleasant land” …a still lake surrounded by verdant  rolling countryside; In its midst, in thigh high waders, a lone fisherman casts his line as the ripples stretch outwards.

This rural environment is so far removed from the operating theatre  and consulting rooms at 138 Harley St  it could be on another planet not a mere ticket to the Lake District away. For Glenn Carp this is relaxation.  Fly fishing for trout and salmon in the picturesque waterways of England and Scotland is one of Glenn Carp’s favourite ways to unwind.