Are Laser Eye Surgery Prices Higher For Higher Prescriptions?

Mr Glenn Carp – “In general terms, patients with higher prescriptions need more work done.  I am not talking about more work during the actual surgery but there is a lot more preparation that is required.  So, for example, someone with a prescription that is very, very high or they have very large pupils, or if they have very high amounts of what we call spherical aberrations, which are internal aberrations within the visual system, which glasses cannot correct, these are variables and need to be addressed in their own merit and by virtue of that there may be price differences for those patients who fall into those categories only because more work is required and more manpower is required to correct for those abnormalities to know better what to put into the laser for the treatment.  So, while the treatments are the same what happens behind the scenes may be different from patient to patient.”

High Prescriptions And Laser Eye Surgery Prices Explained Further…

Laser Eye Surgery charges for many clinics vary.  Many clinics charge people with higher prescriptions more than people with lower prescriptions for precisely the same treatment. We consider this up selling. The reasons for this are clear – patients with higher pre-operative prescriptions have a higher likelihood of needing an enhancement, and they build the cost of this potential enhancement in to the total price at the outset (whether it’s actually needed or not).

Our approach at London Vision Clinic is to offer patients with higher prescriptions the option of planned High Profile treatments. We have found that High Profile treatments have a higher likelihood of reaching the targets we have set out with the patient from the outset, and are a safer way to treat higher prescriptions. We charge higher fees for planned High Profile treatments. More information is available on our Laser Eye Surgery prices.

Mr Glenn Carp explains higher prescriptions and prices for Laser Eye Surgery.

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I had no issues with wearing lenses, and was therefore a little apprehensive about LASIK blended vision to correct my myopia/presbyopia. Having had the procedure done, it was worth every penny. I’m lens free, and well adjusted after only one month post procedure. Thank you Dan et al!!– Mark Selawry

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