Can Laser Eye Surgery Benefit Ageing Eyes?

While celebrities and billionaires might be able to access the best anti-ageing tricks and treatments that money can buy to hold off the appearance of it, getting old still happens to everyone.

Yep, even “beautiful people” like Beyonce and DiCaprio will give in to the effects of age eventually.

Such a thought might give you little consolation, at least temporarily. Let’s face it, none of us like the idea of getting older. In fact, many of us spend significant amounts of time on money trying to avoid this simple fact of life.

Of course, some things can help. Eating healthily, staying active, and investing in a good skincare regime are go-to’s to help fight off the dreaded tricks of time. But ultimately, it is unlikely that these things will help you come to terms with the facts and actually embrace all that comes with being that little bit older and wiser.

But if we really think about it, the sooner we are able to admit, “Yeah, okay, I’m no spring chicken anymore”, the sooner we can begin focusing on the things that really matter and make a difference.

Elle “The Body” Speaks About Needing Reading Glasses

At well past 60, former supermodel, businesswoman, and TV presenter Elle Macpherson shows that she still has a figure that many people half her age would be proud of.

But even Elle “The Body” Macpherson is not immune to the effects of time. Speaking about approaching her 50th birthday, she clearly put across her “glass is half-full” approach to life, describing the mixed benefits of having ageing eyes or presbyopia.

“My eyesight started to go about the same time as the elasticity in my face,” she said, adding: “I just see a blur and it’s fantastic. As long as I don’t put my glasses on, I’m good.”

Even being able to see Elle’s face without the benefit of glasses, contact lenses, or blended vision, “good” is a modest understatement. That being said, though, even on someone as beautiful as Elle Macpherson, looking at yourself through the lens of reading glasses can’t help but be ageing.

I mean, it’s hard for anyone to look youthful while wearing a pair of granny readers on top of their head, or worse still, on a chain around their neck!

My Personal Experience with Reading Glasses

Speaking as someone who has been through the process themselves, there is no way I would go back to a life where I constantly had to worry about my reading glasses. My partner and I are now both happily enjoying all the benefits of Laser Eye Surgery for presbyopia.

It is a relief to have said “goodbye!” to all the stresses that having reading glasses brings. If they’re not on us, the wretched things are in another room, in the wrong bag, or have just disappeared altogether.

Worse yet, trying to get along without them, for example, by borrowing a friend’s, or even trying to casually decipher a menu or text is certain to make us appear eccentric and – to put it bluntly – old.

Benefits of The PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision Treatment

My grandchildren – Sophia and Charlie

Luckily, as someone who’s had PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, I don’t have to worry about any of that anymore.

Instead, I’m spending my time on more fruitful pursuits, like compiling a long and growing list of Good Vision Pleasures or “Finally, I can see clearly” reminders.

For example, when Charlie, my young grandson, comes to stay – together with a long list of instructions regarding his extensive dietary requirements – I have no trouble negotiating the hazards of small writing. In comparison, it used to take ages and much detailed reading (together with several texted queries to my daughter) before the veggie burgers, fish fingers, snacks, yoghurts, and juices that he would be able to enjoy made their way into my shopping trolley.

Following my surgery, however, I suddenly realised that I had been effortlessly reading tiny faded print on labels without even trying! Not a squint in sight.

It might sound something small, and while I still might always envy Elle Macpherson for her figure, luxuriant hair, and godly beautiful face, it’s these everyday moments that matter which are most important, and which make me think I wouldn’t trade my youthful vision for anything (well, except maybe those legs).

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