Can Laser Eye Surgery Benefit Ageing Eyes?

There is some consolation in that it happens to everyone… yes, even the “beautiful people” have birthdays and get older. Despite having access to the best anti-ageing tricks and treatments available, eventually the years will catch up with them too and, while the wrinkles might be relatively easy to eliminate, without a visit to a reputable refractive Laser Eye Surgeon, eventually their near sight will deteriorate and they will have to reach for the reading glasses.

Elle “The Body” Speaks About Needing Reading Glasses

At almost 50, the model, business woman and TV presenter Elle Macpherson shows that she still has a figure that women half her age would be proud of. This summer she has been photographed on the Spanish island of Ibiza in a tiny bikini and straw hat looking effortlessly stylish, chic and frankly gorgeous.

Known as “The Body” after a record 5 cover appearances in Sports Illustrated (beginning in the 1980’s), the mother of 2 was taking a break after filming the new series of the popular television show “Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model”.  Speaking about approaching her 50th birthday, she shows her “glass is half-full” view on life describing the mixed benefits of having ageing eyes or presbyopia.

“My eyesight started to go about the same time as the elasticity in my face” she said, adding: “I just see a blur and it’s fantastic. As long as I don’t put my glasses on, I’m good.”

Even being able to see Elle’s face clearly with the benefit of glasses, contact lenses or blended vision, “good” is a modest understatement from this still stunning 49-year-old. However, that said, reading glasses are ugly, ageing and horribly inconvenient even on someone as beautiful as Elle Macpherson. I defy anyone to look youthful and attractive wearing a pair of readers on top of their head “Alice band” style, or worse still, on a chain around their neck.

My Personal Experience With Reading Glasses

As someone who has been through it herself and now watches her partner with the same problem (he’s waiting for his Laser Eye Surgery) – there seems to be no alternative to attaching the readers to some part of our anatomy.  If they are not somehow on us, the wretched things are always in another room, the wrong handbag, or have simply gone AWOL.  Besides, we all know that trying to get by without them, by borrowing someone else’s for example, or trying to decipher a business card, a mobile phone text or guessing at a menu… will make us appear somewhat eccentric and forgetful as well as – to put it bluntly – old.

Benefits Of The Laser Blended Vision Treatment

My grandchildren – Sophia and Charlie

Knowledge Dispels Fear

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Luckily, we happy London Vision Clinic blended vision patients don’t have to worry about any of the above any more. I recently had another joy to add to my long and still growing list of Good Vision Pleasures or “I can see clearly now, happy eye sight” list – Charlie, my 22-month-old grandson, was coming to stay together with a long list of instructions regarding his complicated dietary requirements. His food intolerances include: egg, wheat, dairy (including goat’s milk products) and bananas. Although not life threatening, he is “intolerant” to these foods not “allergic” to them- even small amounts will produce in him quite violent reactions and there was no way that he was going to be ill on my watch.

Negotiating the ingredients labels in the health food section of my local supermarket here in Spain was a minefield. It took ages and much detailed reading of the very small print (together with several texted queries to my daughter)  before the veggie burgers, fish fingers, snacks, yogurts and juices that he would be able to enjoy made their way into my shopping trolley.  Due to being deep in concentration, it wasn’t until I was halfway through the selection operation, that I realised I could easily read the tiny faded print on the labels.

Although this close scrutiny of the ingredients of so many unfamiliar products was tedious, at least it didn’t involve juggling reading glasses. So while I might envy Elle Macpherson for her figure, luxuriant hair and beautiful face, I am super-content with my blended vision eye sight.

Can Laser Eye Surgery Benefit Ageing Eyes?

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