Reading glasses are a rubbish solution

“I don’t need glasses! The text is just really small…” — My mum, every time she can’t read something

My mum has presbyopia and can’t read or see anything in the vicinity of her face without her tacky supermarket ready readers. But don’t tell her that; she’s convinced the problem is not with her but the world — as if books and bank statements are produced in smaller and smaller print ever year.

It’s understandable — I mean who wants to visit the opticians to be told you’re losing your sight because you’re getting old. Not only does it make it more real, it likely means you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with reading glasses hanging around your neck.

And to be honest, if reading glasses were her only option, then such a response would be totally reasonable. From over-the-counter ready-made readers to high-end prescription lens, glasses are glasses whatever shape or brand they come in. They’re awkward, inconvenient, uncomfortable, can exacerbate vision problems — not to mention they add ten years to the age of anyone who wears them.

But thankfully they’re not the only solution to presbyopia (if you can even call them that). It’s true glasses have long been the most popular way to improve your vision, but it’s also true they come with a whole host of limitations and do nothing to correct the underlying problem. It’s precisely because of these issues that, after centuries of putting up with the torments of glasses, Laser Eye Surgery was born.

At first, Laser Eye Surgery was only able to help those with common refractive errors like long and short-sightedness. Today, it’s able to treat people with a whole host of vision problems — including high prescriptions — and is particularly effective at counteracting the effects of presbyopia.

What separates PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision from other presbyopia treatments is that — although it takes less time to perform than it does to visit your opticians, the effects are permanent. As an age-related condition, presbyopia does continue to progress over time. However, after receiving the treatment, most patients never have to wear reading glasses again.

If the daily trauma of putting glasses on your face isn’t enough to make you consider Laser Eye Surgery, the practicalities may be. Many hours we can never get back are lost to reading glasses: hunting around the house, tightening loose arms, buying new pairs, updating prescriptions. If not for your street cred or eye health, do it to safeguard your precious time.

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