Can Laser Eye Surgery treat Strabismus and squints?

Laser Eye Surgery team member at London Vision Clinic

Traditionally, strabismus or squints cannot be treated with Laser Eye Surgery as squint surgery involves altering the muscles around the eye.

If you have strabismus, Laser Eye Surgery will not interact with the condition. It won’t make the squint worse, but it also will generally not make it any better.

Occasionally, if a patient has a squint and has Laser Eye Surgery, there may be a small residual refractive error left over after the procedure. This may alter the appearance of the squint but of course, this can be managed either with further enhancement Laser Eye Surgery or muscle surgery around the eye itself.

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In some cases, Laser Eye Surgery can be used to help someone with both a squint and double vision. The double vision occurs because the eyes are not aligned properly and therefore the brain receives two different images from each eye, which it cannot effectively put together to make one single image.

Often in this situation, people may wear a patch over one eye to conceal the squint. Laser Eye Surgery can be used to treat people in this instance by focusing the dominant eye for distance and focusing the non-dominant eye for close up — effectively giving the patient ‘monovision’.

In monovision, the eye attuned to the close-up environment sees less well at distance, while the eye focused for distance sees less well at near. The result: the brain no longer receives two distinct images. The procedure works best for people who already have presbyopia, meaning they’re over 40 years of age.

How to find out if YOU are suitable for Laser Eye Surgery

In the short video below, Mr Carp explains how strabismus cannot be treated with Laser Eye Surgery, but requires specialist muscle surgery instead.

You’ve heard it directly from the mouth of Mr Glenn Carp, one of the finest laser eye surgeons in the word. So it’s established: Laser Eye Surgery techniques alone will not resolve a strabismus problem. The primary and ultimate mission of refractive surgery is to change the refractive error of each eye individually, and therefore it cannot alter or improve a squint.

But as Laser Eye Surgery doesn’t interfere with strabismus, patients with the condition can choose from a range of procedure including LASIK, PRK/LASEK, and the more recent and incredibly efficient ReLEx SMILE surgery. However, there are several considerations that need to be evaluated before making the decision about having Laser Eye Surgery.

For instance, if amblyopia — also known as lazy eye — has developed due to strabismus, Laser Eye Surgery will not be able to restore vision beyond that which is attainable by wearing glasses.

Find out more about of the things you need to take into account before having Laser Eye Surgery by visiting the pages below:

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Can Laser Eye Surgery treat Strabismus and squints? [VIDEO]