Travelling Freedom After Laser Eye Surgery

We all love to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy, everyday lives with a holiday. Whether it be a relaxing summer holiday spent lounging on the beach, an action-packed sports trip, or a meticulously planned sightseeing city tour, sometimes a break is just what we need. However, for those of us who rely on glasses or contact lenses, travelling can be more of a hassle than we might care to admit.

On top of the universal stressors of getting ready for a holiday, there’s the added nuisance of remembering to pack your contact lens solution (don’t forget about liquid restrictions!) or making sure you have enough pairs of disposable lenses to make it through the trip with unhindered vision. For glasses-wearers, there’s the ever-lingering worry of losing or breaking your glasses in an unfamiliar city. And even when you’re packed and know that your glasses or contact lenses are safe, they could stop you from enjoying fun holiday activities such as watersports or snorkelling!

“My contact lenses took the fun away from my holiday”

Of course, we’re not suggesting that these inconveniences are enough to ruin your holiday. But wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about your glasses or contact lenses on your next trip?

Well, Laser Eye Surgery could help you to do exactly that.

Image of LVC travel infograph

Travelling can be a stressful endeavour for all of us. But when you throw contact lenses into the mix, there’s even more to worry about. Many of our patients have told us now, prior to having Laser Eye Surgery, the dry conditions on planes would dry out their contact lenses, causing disomfort.

We’ve heard that, what should be the joy of swimming in the sea or pool would instead leave them with red and irritated eyes. Perhaps they were unable to participate in activities with the rest of their friends and families because of their dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Activities such as skiing, diving, snorkelling, or even just wearing goggles can be a pain for those of us who rely on visual aids.

How Laser Eye Surgery Could Take All the Stress Away

There is a huge number of reasons that people choose to have Laser Eye Surgery, but being in the game for as long as we have, you begin to notice some trends. One reason that we frequently come across at London Vision Clinic is the desire to enjoy travelling without the stresses of glasses and contact lenses.

Laser Eye Surgery could help you to get rid of your glasses and contact lenses for good. Not only does this mean you could soon be enjoying travel freedom – there are countless other benefits to ditching the glasses and contacts. You will no longer have to worry about steamy glasses when you’re cooking, leaving your glasses behind at work, or the embarrassment of “losing” them on your head…

The bottom line is, Laser Eye Surgery not only helps to improve your vision, but it can also reduce everyday stress and irritation. At London Vision Clinic, we’re proud  to report that the vast majority of our patients achieve 20/20 vision, without glasses or contact lenses, following the procedure. So, you could be enjoying your sightseeing holiday in more detail than ever before in no time!

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