Do Laser Eye Surgery Results Correlate With Laser Eye Surgery Costs?

Laser Eye Surgery is more accessible now than it ever has been before. With high street clinics popping up all over the country, it seems that permanent, clear vision is in reach for more people than it has been since the invention of Laser Eye Surgery almost four decades ago. Yet, understanding the difference in costs across the whole Laser Eye Surgery spectrum is just as difficult as ever – perhaps even more so.

In the last 40 years, accessibility to Laser Eye Surgery technology and training has resulted in greater competition and a general decline in price. What’s more, as Laser Eye Surgery is an elective procedure, patients have the time and opportunity to “shop around”. But that doesn’t mean that comparing costs across providers is easy.

How do I compare providers?

Consumers often find it difficult to compare the cost of Laser Eye Surgery from clinic to clinic. This is because there is currently no consistent approach to pricing, making it hard to compare like with like. Some clinics advertised price is a “cost per eye”, and others refer only to their standard Laser Eye Surgery treatment (which applies to as few as a quarter of patients). In many cases, the advertised price does not include “extras” such as consultation fees and follow-up aftercare appointments.

For this reason, it is important to be clear about what is included in your quoted price. At London Vision Clinic, we have two pricing tiers for Laser Eye Surgery: our standard treatment and our High-Profile treatment, both of which include everything you need to ensure a successful procedure and recovery.

But choosing a Laser Eye Surgery provider should never be based solely on price. The fact is, substantial quality differences DO exist across providers.

Of course, price is a significant factor for many people; however, it is also important to consider things such as:

  • The standard of pre-operative screening: This ensures you receive a personalised treatment plan, giving you the best chance of achieving the best possible results.
  • The expertise and experience of the Surgeon: Will give you peace of mind as you head into surgery and your recovery.
  • The equipment being used: Access to the most up-to-date technology allows us to offer treatment to more patients.
  • The amount of time spent with the optometrist and the surgeon before and after the procedure: Ensure you receive a bespoke treatment with opportunities to ask questions and voice any concerns at every step of your treatment.
  • The range of prescriptions included: People with higher prescriptions may be turned away from high street clinics – this doesn’t mean Laser Eye Surgery is not an option for you.
  • The specific procedure being offered: There are a number of different Laser Eye Surgery procedures. However, not all clinics are able to offer these procedures.

The quality of each of these factors can not only have an effect on the cost of Laser Eye Surgery but also on the results.

Finding the best value Laser Eye Surgery treatment is not just about finding the cheapest price. You should always consider the quality of the service you will receive and the capacity of each clinic to cater to your specific needs – and how much this will cost compared with their advertised price.

It is crucial to compare results and the factors affecting the surgery results, such as the level of refractive error, as well as the price and what it includes in order to get a realistic comparison. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an easy task. That’s why we are as transparent as possible about all our fees (which include everything you will need).

Our fees include everything you will need for a successful Laser Eye Surgery procedure. And, all of our treatments can be made affordable with interest-free finance.

If you’d like to learn more about Laser Eye Surgery results at London Vision Clinic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators. Alternatively, book a free, no-obligation consultation today.