Do Laser Eye Surgery Results Correlate With Laser Eye Surgery Costs?

LASIK is a procedure that offers ideal conditions for laser surgery price shopping. As it’s an elective procedure, so normally there is not an urgency leaving patients with the time to comparison shop.

In the last 30 years the increase of the provision of Laser Eye Surgery has resulted in greater competition and a decline in price; approximately 30% decline of pricing in the last 10 years.

Consumers find it difficult to make comparisons between Laser Eye Surgery providers, as there is no consistent approach to pricing. Some providers have one all-inclusive price and others don’t package their services. This results in some cases is that prospective patients can be at best confused and at worst misled by Laser Eye Surgery marketing practices. However, the key thing to note is that substantial quality differences DO exist across providers.

As well as taking into account factors that affect surgery results such as level of refractive error and number of surgeries, one should compare pricing based on various factors. When comparing pricing for Laser Eye Surgery, one should compare also what is included within the price:

  • The amount of pre-operative screening
  • The expertise and experience of the Surgeon
  • The equipment being used
  • The amount of time spent with the optometrist and the surgeon before and after the procedure
  • The range of prescriptions included
  • The specific procedure being offered

The best value is not necessarily obtained by finding the cheapest priced Laser Eye Surgery provider, but in the quality of the service you will be receiving for the total amount you will be paying. It is crucial to compare results and the factors affecting the surgery results such as level of refractive error, as well as the price and what it exactly includes to get a realistic comparison to judge value.

At London Vision Clinic, surgery is within only 2 pricing brackets: Standard treatment or High Profile treatment. Our fees include everything you will need for a successful Laser Eye Surgery procedure. And, all of our treatments can be made affordable with interest-free finance.

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