Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Have Dry Eyes? [video]

Dry eye is a relative contra indication to laser eye surgery. All patients at the London Vision Clinic who are found to have preoperative dry eye undergo an extensive review system whereby we try to evaluate the underlying cause of the patient’s dry eye. If this can subsequently be optimised through treatment regimes, we can boost the underlying tear film, resolve the dry eye and are able to offer these patients treatment….

What’s Included In Laser Eye Surgery Costs?

Many eye clinics attract patients by keeping surgery prices low by treating a high turnover of patients (sticking to simpler cases and offering a reduced standard of care). At London Vision Clinic, perfection is our minimum standard. Gain further insight into what the laser eye surgery cost includes to drive the best possible vision results….

Can I Go Blind After Laser Eye Surgery? [VIDEO]

A big question, can I go blind after laser eye surgery? The answer to that, (in theory) is yes. There have been reported cases around the world where people have lost extensive vision after laser eye surgery. These cases are extremely rare. It would take a series of events to happen, very unfortunate events, to leave the person in a predicament where they lost all their vision….

What Should I Do to Prepare For Laser Eye Surgery? [video]

Prior to the actual procedure itself there is not much the patient really needs to do to prepare themselves for the actual treatment. We ask people on the day of the treatment to avoid any cologne or perfumes as well as hairspray, for ladies to remove any eye makeup and mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow and also to avoid any woollen clothing to be worn during the actual procedure….

Sooner or later you should visit a clinic

Sooner or later you should visit a clinic Because there is so much information available and so many places where you can go to find things out, it’s easy to spend a lot of time researching and planning and very little time actually doing. This is true for anything: decorating the lounge, buying a new house, going on holiday, or simply buying a new yoga mat. However, with an abundance of information out there online, it is especially true for…

Children and eye health care

Children and eye health care Every single eye is different. It’s why retinal scanners are so good at identifying you from the crowd. But your eyes are so unique they’re also different from each other. Just take a moment to look in the mirror at each iris, the coloured part of your eye that controls the amount of light that hits your retina. No doubt you’ll see small, random patterns in one iris that appear completely different from the other….

Could My Corneal Flap Become Dislodged? [video]

It is very, very rare for the corneal flap to loosen after the laser eye surgery. In cases where loosening has occurred, it generally has happened overnight after the actual treatment. Certainly periods of longer than that, a week after the surgery, a month, three months after the surgery, these cases are extremely rare and generally the patient has undergone some form of heavy trauma to the eye, which has resulted in not only the flap moving but more than likely to cause the flap to move and would have resulted in a lot more damage to other structures in the eye at the same time…