Eyes wide open: “Do I really have to be awake during Laser Eye Surgery?”

targeting corneal tissue in laser eye surgery

For most people, the idea of Laser Eye Surgery triggers a certain fear – probably owing to the name of the procedure itself. So when they are also told that they will be awake during the treatment, an outright panic is not uncommon.

In fact, surveys have shown that this is one of the most common reasons for people deciding against treatment – even before having an initial consultation.

While we understand this reaction (applying lasers to the eyes while you’re fully conscious does sound quite distressing), the reality is nowhere near as scary as it sounds.

The fact is most surgical procedures require anaesthetic, and other than a few numbing eye drops, Laser Eye Surgery is performed whilst patients are fully conscious. But Laser Eye Surgery is far from your typical surgical procedure.

Not only is the whole procedure over in just a matter of minutes, but the real game-changer is that, in expert hands, Laser Eye Surgery is virtually painless! What’s more, being awake during the procedure does not in any way put you at risk and you can’t mess up your treatment, no matter how hard you try.

Opening your eyes to the reality of safe & pain-free Laser Eye Surgery

One of the first things our patients say after their procedure is complete (apart from the obvious “wow”) is that they can’t believe how easy and painless it all was.

Not only do we apply anaesthetic drops directly to the eyes to prevent any discomfort during your treatment, impressive developments and innovations mean that Laser Eye Surgery is largely a minimally-invasive procedure. This all means that you should feel very little from beginning to end.

What’s more, to put you even more at ease, your surgeon will walk you through what they are doing at every stage of the procedure. (Our patients also report that the complementary massage and chocolate biscuits go a long way toward helping them relax, too!)

The understandable fear of experiencing pain aside, many prospective patients also worry that they might do something that will somehow compromise the treatment. We’re regularly asked: “What if I sneeze, cough, blink, or move?

Again, we’re glad to report that this is not something you need to worry about! Leading clinics will only use the most up-to-date Laser Eye Surgery technology – including a system that tracks the movement of your eyes at more than 4,000 images per second.

This meticulous accuracy ensures that there is virtually nothing you could do to put yourself at risk during the procedure — even if you spontaneously started playing tennis.

A Revolutionary Treatment

Laser Eye Surgery may instil the same anxiety and fear as any other surgical procedure at first glance, but in reality, it couldn’t be more different. The procedure has been revolutionised over decades of research and development, making Laser Eye Surgery the most commonly performed elective surgery in the world!

Despite the impressive statistics of safety and success in Laser Eye Surgery treatment, undergoing surgery is still a big decision.

If you would like any more information to help with your decision, get in touch with our team of friendly clinic coordinators or Book a Consultation today.