Why We Strive to Be The Best

We would all like to be the best at something, whether it’s the best parent to your kids, the best brain surgeon in the country, or the best at making lasagne in your family.

For us, it’s Laser Eye Surgery. And it wouldn’t be so silly to expect it would be the same for all the other clinics and providers in our industry, too. Especially for clinics like ours, founded by specialist eye surgeons who’s vocations are to grant as many people as possible with the gift of clear vision.

Discover how we are so different from high street providers and why we strive every day to be the best Laser Eye Surgery clinic not just in London or the UK, but the world.

The best eye treatment should be available to all

It’s doesn’t take long of browsing the market of Laser Eye Surgery clinics to notice that prices vary widely. From high street chains and their time-limited offers to private clinics and hospitals with their fixed, premium prices, there’s seemingly something to suit every budget.

Unfortunately, though, we’re talking about correcting your vision and not buying a car. Whereas today a quality car can cost anything from a few thousand to half a million pounds to make, no matter where you go, high-quality Laser Eye Surgery always costs the same to deliver — around £4,000 per patient. If it looks like you’re getting a good deal and paying a lot less, then almost certainly corners are being cut somewhere.

Laser Eye Surgery isn’t cheap. And rather than try and make it so or brush over the fact, we tell it like it is and try and make it available to as many people as possible. We offer a range of finance options with up to three years interest-free. We also charge just one fixed price which includes a comprehensive aftercare service and a treatment enhancement should you require one within the first year.

Your eyes should never be underestimated

With over two million moving parts in a space of just two centimetres in diameter, your eyes are one of the most complex systems in the known universe. As such, although most clinics stick to the most basic standards of testing, we say why stop there.

Our screening process is one of the most comprehensive assessments you’ll find anywhere. At around three and a half hours long and with a minimum of thirty-nine tests, other clinics, particularly high street ones, may even see it as excessive. Our surgeons don’t have high quotas to meet, and we understand the true importance of drawing up a specific and accurate treatment plan for achieving the best possible results.

Why settle for anything less than the highest standard

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth), have published standards that it recommends all Laser Eye Surgery clinics should adhere to at a minimum. Some clinics stick to them as if they were law, others act like they don’t even exist, but again, we say, why stop there?

As well as wanting to differentiate ourselves from the profit-driven high street chains, we have set ourselves the task of being the gold standard for the whole Laser Eye Surgery industry. So much so, our pioneer, Professor Dan Reinstein, has played an integral role in developing new technologies and treatments that have already transformed Laser Eye Surgery to become a safer, more effective, and more accessible vision correction treatment.

Our patients feel this commitment to the highest standards throughout every stage of their Laser Eye Surgery journeys. From the relaxing massage prior to the treatment to the year-long post-op support, no expense is spared in making the experience as special and as comfortable as it can and should be.