George Chesterton of GQ Magazine has PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision

If you are going to be an Editor of one of the world’s biggest magazine publications, there are a few things you should consider…

You have to be a critic who has an eye for detail as well as a vision for the bigger picture. You need to balance impartiality with fearlessness in voicing your opinion. But, perhaps more important than all that, you have to be tough.

Having been the Managing Editor at GQ UK – in addition to being a long-term glasses wearer – George Chesterton can definitely say he is that. But, being depended upon as the last pair of eyes on a publication and to make the important calls when they matter the most, George eventually had to address his fast-degrading vision.

George had been wearing glasses and contact lenses for around 30 years when he came to us. That’s three decades of dealing with the drawbacks of visual aids: waking up to dry eyes, blind showering, and having the kids grab glasses off his face… George was definitely tough, that’s for sure.

While he had dealt with his need for glasses to correct his myopic refraction of -5.5 all this time, when he began to notice the effects of presbyopia, George realised he would have to reassess the situation.

In the video below, George talks us through his experience at London Vision Clinic where he received PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision treatment.

Hair nets, teddy bears, and cutting-edge laser technology

In an article later published in GQ, George describes London Vision Clinic as a sort of “utopian science-fiction condo” – and considering the treatment he was to receive, that was quite a fitting description.

George came to London Vision Clinic for PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, a revolutionary laser vision treatment pioneered by our very own Professor Dan Reinstein. Not only would this treatment address George’s age-related far-sightedness, but also his long-standing short-sightedness, too!

How it Works

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision works in a similar way to monovision lenses – just without the need for lenses at all. With the help of a high-precision laser, our surgeons adjust one eye to see best up close and a little at a distance, and the other to work best at a distance and a little up close. This allows patients to be able to see clearly at both distances and close up.

While the principle behind PRESBYOND® may be similar, the biggest difference between this treatment and monovision lenses is its tolerability. Amazingly, PRESBYOND® is tolerated by around 98% of patients – compared to just 60% who tolerate monovision.

George was well are of this – and more – having been fed a hearty serving of information from Professor Reinstein. So, all that was left to do was start the procedure. In readiness, George lay back in his chair, clutched his teddy bear, and waited for the treatment to begin.

As you can see in the video above, Professor Reinstein walked George through every step of the procedure (which takes just three minutes per eye!).

After less than 10 minutes, George is back sitting upright in his chair (still clutching his teddy bear). There is one major difference though… He can see the writing on the wall in front of him. He is reassured that the misty effect he is experiencing is perfectly normal – simply a side effect of the temporary swelling of the eyes.

After around 10 minutes of relaxation time in our recovery room, George takes a moment to reflect on the experience:

“It seems to be that people think about it for a long time; like I did, they have the procedure, then they wish they hadn’t bothered thinking about it, they wish they just gone and done it as soon as they thought about it.”

That’s a significant statement for an Editor to make: to think, over 20 years of vision-related stress could have been avoided had he made the decision sooner. But, then again – Editors are widely known for making the best calls under pressure; so, maybe things needed to get critical for George to make the best decision.

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