Hate your reading glasses?

laser eye surgery team member

If you’ve ever worn glasses for even a short amount of time, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of loathing that seeps in due to their innately restrictive and inconvenient nature.

I mean, as corrective eyewear, glasses should only make our lives easier. But the reality is they can make it infinitely more stressful, starting with the inexcusable fact that even though their purpose is to help us see more clearly, in order to use them, we must first be able to see well enough to find the damn things.

This is only the beginning of the endless list of annoyances of glasses, which, as a whole, can be referred to as ‘the glasses paradox.’

The glasses paradox is a phenomena experienced by millions of people the world over ever since they were invented over seven hundred years ago. If you’re not familiar with the term — which wouldn’t be unsurprising as I just made it up — it looks a little something like this:

You wake up and curse because you can’t find your glasses. You find your glasses and curse because they don’t seem to be working as well as they used to. You go to read the paper or a magazine and curse as you discover you’ve left your glasses god knows where. You start cooking and curse as they quickly become foggy and you can’t see the steak you are now burning. You sit down and hear a crunch and curse as you realise you’ve snapped yet another pair… 

I think you get the idea: we’re told that glasses will improve our quality of life yet all they seem to do is the exact opposite.

No matter what stage of life you’re at, dealing with the inconveniences of glasses is a nightmare at worst and disruptive at best. But when you’re approaching middle age and you have plenty of other things to concern yourself with — such as managing a midlife crisis and hiding those rogue grey hairs — suddenly having to worry about a pair of spectacles can be particularly problematic.

Well, luckily for you and anyone else in the modern age who is experiencing the effects of presbyopia, reading glasses are no longer a must for maintaining good vision throughout your later years.

Stress-free treatment for presbyopia

As more and more people become aware there’s an alternative presbyopia treatment that is not only effective but affordable, the era of reading glasses is gradually coming to an end.

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision is the name of the technique developed especially to treat ageing eyes for many years, if not for good. As the pioneers behind PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, of course we are going to tout its benefits over reading glasses. However, our standing is not only based on our opinion, but the overwhelming consensus of thousands of satisfied patients as well as multiple reports and agreements from the industry’s leading eye doctors. PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision was developed with a purpose: to address the desperate need for a safe and long-term solution to presbyopia.

The success of Laser blended Vision is due to the way in which it adjusts the vision to meet the eye’s decreased muscle function caused by presbyopia. One eye is adjusted to work mainly at a distance, and a little up close, while the other is adjusted to work mainly up close, and a little at distance.

The brain quickly adapts to this system, combining the two images so you can see both near and far without effort or strain. PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision gives you with great visual acuity and depth of focus, all without using glasses or contact lenses.

Thanks to this revolutionary procedure, the glasses paradox is well and truly broken. Wave goodbye to the annoyances of reading glasses and embrace high-quality frameless vision today with PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision.

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