Solutions To Short-Sightedness

Short-sightedness is a common vision impairment that draws people to consider corrective eye procedures. People can struggle with short-sightedness for years only to realize that there is often a shockingly simple solution: LASIK.

Mark had hated his short-sightedness since his first pair of glasses at 9 years old. He was enthralled when he realized that he was able to consider corrective Laser Eye Surgery. His decision was made simple by London Vision Clinic’s superb reputation. He was thrilled with the care from start to finish and since his personal success story all of the glasses wearers in his family have started to consider having the procedure at London Vision Clinic.

David called his short-sightedness a handicap that has been 100% cured since his procedure. His eye sight is now comparable to that of when he was a teenager and six months after the procedure, his only regret was that he waited so long to go through with it.

London Vision Clinic was recommended to Edward by three friends who had all been patients. Since his procedure, his father has also jumped on the band wagon. Edward, his friends, and his father all had a wonderful experience with London Vision Clinic. Edward no longer struggles with short-sightedness or vision problems of any kind for that matter. He sees life in HD. The process was straight-forward and London Vision Clinic’s staff made it simple, from their first consultations to their follow up appointments. The surgeon even texted Edward after his father’s procedure just to assure him that everything had gone perfectly.

If you are struggling or someone that you know is struggling with short-sightedness, then consider the possibility that there is aan alternative to the hassle of ophthalmological appointments, glasses, and contact lenses. London Vision Clinic makes the process painless and strives to make you a happy customer who will walk away with a happy story to share with your fellow spec wearers, just like Mark, David, and Edward.