How Denise Van Outen stays looking young

Denise Van Outen certainly isn’t one to shy away from the spotlight.

The actor come presenter, singer, dancer, has hosted hit breakfast TV shows, played leading roles in West End and Broadway musicals, and long been a familiar face in homes all around the country, appearing regularly on shows like Strictly, Sunday Brunch, and Loose Women.

And why would she shy away? Ever since her first TV performance as a teenager in the children’s sci-fi comedy series, Kappatoo, until her more recent gig as Karin Smart, a feisty businesswoman in Eastenders, she’s continued to defy mother nature — and the nature of the business — and remain looking young.

Normally, when you’re comparing a picture of what a star looks like today to before they became famous, the difference is pretty shocking. If it isn’t the heavy bags under their eyes, the deep-set wrinkles, and the few stone of added or lost weight, it’s the fact they’re on the red carpet with a piece of arm candy half their age. But not Denise. Apart from briefly becoming a redhead for the TV series ‘How Much Do You Love Me?’, her look has remained pretty much the same. She’s aged, of course, but gracefully.

And now here she is again, rocking up at a premiere looking stunning, this time with her recently-married and pleasingly-handsome partner, Eddie Boxshall. So, like I’m sure most women of a similar age and older are wondering, how the heck does she do it!?

I’m sure she has her secrets, but one of them she’s been very public about is having Laser Eye Surgery.

For many years Denise wanted to have Laser Eye Surgery but had too many doubts. “I was too apprehensive,” she said. “I didn’t know enough about it. I was terrified something would go wrong.”

Eventually, however, when she was approaching the big four zero, she found out the facts and realised the procedure is perfectly safe. So she underwent the treatment, and hasn’t regretted it since. Just a few days afterward she said, “It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done, and it’s already changing my life”.

Several years later, she’s looking younger than ever. And we guess it has a lot to do with those bright and frameless eyes.

Age gracefully like Denise and find out if you’re suitable for Laser Eye Surgery (there’s a 96 percent chance you are) by contacting us today.