Exceptional Care That Is Not Just For The Rich And Famous

London Vision Clinic patients come from all over the UK; in fact from throughout Europe – or, in the interest of accuracy, they also originate from other countries even further afield … they are a truly international bunch.

They come in all shapes and sizes – an eclectic mix across a wide age range –each individual drawn together in a common cause.

Being a fly on the wall in reception on a busy Wednesday morning, it struck me that there is no such thing as a “typical” London Vision Clinic patient. The only thing that we all have in common is a desire to get rid of our glasses and contact lenses in the safest circumstances – with a surgeon and team who are proven to produce unparalleled results.

For some of us with a bog standard prescription there might be a “High Street” alternative with a considerably lower price tag. However, regardless of our personal circumstances, those of us at 138 Harley Street have all made our eye sight an economic priority.

When we consider the clinic’s world class expertise, and exceptional standard of patient care it would be easy to assume that the London Vision Clinic only caters for the rich and famous. Despite the fact that you could put together an issue of Hello magazine from the clinic’s patient lists, and that many of the other addresses are in upmarket and highly desirable post codes, this is absolutely not the case.

Many of the patients who opt for Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic are “ordinary” people – people like you and me who have a limited spending budget. We might choose to have the best eye care rather than take a holiday for instance; or perhaps we have saved up and made sacrifices for the procedure; or even taken out a loan to pay for it.

The London Vision Clinic also offers a range of interest-free financing options that typically relate to monthly payments of around £128.

Discounts and special offers will never be available on such a bespoke individual treatment plan which will not rest until the best possible results have been achieved for every patient.

Whatever measures have been necessary to pay for the operation, all of us London Vision patients – past, present and future,  have all decided that it is impossible to put a price on our eye sight – our vision is just too precious to risk.

Next time we will meet, auxiliary NHS nurse, Melanie, who would only trust the London Vision Clinic to correct her poor eyesight.