Stars Who Have Had Laser Corrective Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery has become a common procedure among celebrities—Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods, Elton John, Courtney Cox, and Nicole Kidman, are just a few of those who’ve been freed from their glasses or contact lenses. And as you can imagine, these big stars who rely heavily on their vision don’t go to any old clinical practice to have the work done.

Over the years we have seen many a famous face walk the halls of London Vision Clinic, including ITV’s This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield. After our very own Professor Reinstein was interviewed on the breakfast show, Phillip began to consider what Laser Eye Surgery could do for his deteriorating vision.

Phillip, understanding the safety of the procedure and knowing he would be in the hands of one of the best laser surgeons in the industry, decided to take the leap. His initial consultation all the way through to the moment Prof Reinstein performed the LASIK procedure, was caught on film and featured on This Morning.

Along with Phillip, singer Bonnie Tyler, 80’s pop group frontman Limahl, and Jo Wood, ex-wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie, have all been patients of London Vision Clinic.

Jo Wood, when interviewed for the Sunday Express, told of her daily battle with wearing glasses:

“I had been wearing glasses for 10 years and was always losing or breaking them. I had to rely on other people to read the menu in restaurants and when I was asked to host a ceremony I decided enough was enough. I didn’t want to be taking my glasses on and off in front of the audience. As soon as I sat up after treatment Professor Reinstein showed me his watch and I could read the time. I hadn’t been able to do that for years.”

Before her surgery, Bonnie Tyler suffered from such poor eye sight that she struggled to put on her stage make up and read her lyrics while performing.

Her severe long-sightedness not only affected her professional life, but many aspects of her personal life too.

“A friend suggested I see Professor Dan Reinstein. I went to his London clinic for four hours of tests to see if there was a reason I shouldn’t have the surgery–if I’d had underlying eye disease, for example. I was given the all-clear and was operated on the following morning.”

Below are a few words on Bonnie’s procedure from Prof Reinstein:

“Bonnie had two conditions that were corrected by Laser Eye Surgery. She was long-sighted but she also had astigmatism–where the cornea is shaped like a rugby ball rather than a football as it should be”.

“She also has presbyopia which is part of the ageing process and literally means ‘old sight’.

Here’s what Bonnie had to say following the procedure:

“Afterwards the clock face in the surgery was perfectly clear; I could even see the second hand going round–just 20 minutes after the start of surgery there was no blurring, nothing. I could see everything close-up and I have been able to do so ever since.”

Needless to say, Bonnie was delighted with the results.

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