How Important Is Research When Considering Laser Eye Surgery?

Professor Dan Reinstein speaks to The Sun’s Lynsey Haywood about the importance of doing your homework and extensive research prior to considering Laser Eye Surgery. With over 100,000 people in the UK undergoing this painless procedure every year, he indicates that the safety, effectiveness and technology of Laser Eye Surgery has improved since it started 20 years ago.

He commented that, “the technology here is better than in the US, where the procedure is much more commercial and there are a lot of people providing cheap specials but there is still a huge range in the quality of care offered and little help to guide the average person to choose the best option”.

Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery

One of the most confusing areas for a person considering Laser Eye Surgery is that the cost could vary from £295 “per eye” to more than £3,000. Professor Reinstein explained that “practitioners with the technology, expertise and comprehensive aftercare to ensure the best possible outcome tend to be those where the fees are higher”.

Another area vital to consider was the quality of the surgeon and advises that patients should not undergo surgery without having a consultation with their surgeon. “Flying a Boeing 747 is safe, as long as you have a good pilot, and it’s the same with refractive eye surgery”, he added.

“It’s natural to be worried but in the right hands it’s extraordinarily safe. I’ve done it on friends and I would do it on my family.” Professor Dan Reinstein

Research Matters

Doing research prior to selecting a provider is key and in order to help you with this process, we have provided a checklist that may prove useful. Professor Reinstein concluded by stating that after research, patients will be able to “make the comparisons for yourself. After all, it’s your eyes”.

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