Laser Eye Surgery Costs: Factors That Create Confusion

We’ve noticed that one of the most popular pages on our website is about laser eye surgery costs. So, we’ve decided to conduct a comparison of fees that range across the laser eye service providers to provide some context about this subject. Understand some of the specific factors that create confusion in laser eye surgery pricing across clinics….

Cost Involved With Laser Eye Surgery At London Vision Clinic

The Cost of Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic Despite the vast benefits of having Laser Eye Surgery (getting rid of irritating glasses and fiddly contact lenses, to say the least), the cost of treatment understandably remains a significant barrier for many people. Let’s face it: Laser Eye Surgery isn’t cheap. With such a wide variation in prices for seemingly the same treatment in the UK alone, deciding whether to have Laser Eye Surgery – never mind which clinic…

Could Laser Eye Surgery Be Better Value Than Contact Lenses?

Would you rather have an asset or a liability? When it comes to housing – the answer seems clear. When it comes to vision, however, many don’t see things as clearly. We help you compare laser eye surgery costs with the cost of wearing contact lenses, particularly taking into account actual lens costs, fitting, check ups and solution Read here to understand more of the long term costs comparison….

Why Does the Cost of Laser Eye Surgery Differ Between Clinics?

The laser eye surgery industry is a minefield, there are a lot of different levels of patient care and the pricing structures vary considerably between clinics compared to London Vision Clinic. At London Vision Clinic, the simple pricing approach involves offering patients a full all inclusive package, lessens the confusion. Read more about why surgery prices vary between clinics….

Laser eye surgery is more within your grasp than you think

Laser eye surgery is more within your grasp than you think If you’ve been a long time glasses wearer, nothing beats the convenience of contact lenses — excluding the part where you’ve got to go to the bathroom and fiddle to put them in. Like taking an Uber or staying in an Airbnb, contact lenses offer the ultimate in rentable eyesight. Buy a few pairs, pop them in for the day, then throw them away when you’re done. But like…

What’s Included In Laser Eye Surgery Costs?

Many eye clinics attract patients by keeping surgery prices low by treating a high turnover of patients (sticking to simpler cases and offering a reduced standard of care). At London Vision Clinic, perfection is our minimum standard. Gain further insight into what the laser eye surgery cost includes to drive the best possible vision results….

How should I choose a provider for my vision correction

How should I choose a provider for my vision correction I spend way too much of life making decisions. Choosing between brands of tinned tomatoes; picking the right hotel to stay in; deciding whether to go through town or take the motorway to try to skip the traffic. So you can imagine when it comes to a big decision like buying a house or choosing a Laser Eye Surgery provider, things gets a little more complicated. With the seemingly endless…

Can you get Laser Eye Surgery on the NHS?

Can you get Laser Eye Surgery on the NHS? The National Health Service has long been the driving force behind the people of Britain. After nearly 70 years since its launch, the NHS now deals with over 1 million people every 6 hours. Even though it has been the subject of much criticism and controversy over the years, is still largely thought of as a national treasure, and to this day continues to fight for its core principle: making good…