How Long Will The Effects Of Laser Blended Vision Last?

Mr Glenn Carp – “Patients are screened for Laser Blended Vision.  They are tested to see what their tolerance is for a full Laser Blended Vision treatment and in essence if they tolerate the set up scenario very well, it gives us a very strong indication that we can apply that for them at the primary treatment.  Patients who are treated with a full blended vision profile will have sufficient reading to last them the rest of their lives.  Sure, there may be small little bits of change over their lifetime, over a ten year period for example, which might mean that the very, very fine print becomes a little bit difficult again.  But by and large the general reading, etc., should remain.  And of course if it does become difficult to read very fine print, there is no reason why they could not have an enhancement if there is sufficient tissue to do a little bit more treatment in the future that can always be topped up at a later stage.”

The Effects Of Laser Blended Vision Explained Further…

Laser Blended Vision will only treat the effects of presbyopia, not the root cause. With or without Laser Eye Surgery, the lens in the eye will steadily become less flexible, and the muscles that pull it into focus become less powerful. As presbyopia develops, our ability to adjust to vision at various distances will continue to decrease, and most noticeably, presbyopia causes near objects to appear blurry and difficult focus. The effects of the Laser Blended Vision treatment last 5 to 10 years.

Mr Glenn Carp explains the effects of Laser Blended Vision.

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The treatment (laser blended vision) has allowed me to be more effective, efficient and flexible in every day life… Simple tasks like reading sms and emails on small screens, or DIY tasks or driving the car no longer requires glasses off/on/off or the quest for ‘where did I leave them’. You soon forget how frustrating the need for glasses were and what you missed out on in everyday surroundings when you had them off! Now my awareness is total.– Robin Haddon

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How Long Will The Effects Of Laser Blended Vision Last? [Video]

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