Is There A Higher Chance Of Enhancements With Higher Prescriptions?

Mr Glenn Carp – “With a higher prescription you are treating more of the cornea.  You are having to shape more of the cornea to correct for that refractive error and as a result there tends to be slightly higher variation in the healing response by the patient.  This is something the patient cannot control.  You cannot control your healing response and therefore some people will drift a little bit after their treatment, most people do not and that is where the enhancements come into play.  If there is sufficient corneal tissue to allow us to do a little bit more, we are much keener nowadays to obviously treat that remaining prescription to give the patient the last bit of benefit to their vision.”

Enhancements For Higher Prescriptions Explained Further…

There is a higher chance of enhancements for higher prescriptions, because accuracy decreases as prescriptions increase, we typically find that enhancements are more typical amongst patients who had higher pre-operative prescriptions, and among long-sighted patients. In spite of this effect, we still manage to keep our enhancement rates relatively low (between 5 and 8%).

Mr Glenn Carp explains the higher prescriptions and chances for enhancements.

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