London Vision Clinic & Recommendations

Over the last six months, we conducted a survey on people calling London Vision Clinic. We asked them what their most important factors were when considering a clinic for corrective eye surgery. Their top six reasons were recommendation (19%), results (18%), surgeon and staff (17%), cost (4%), technology used (4%), and post-operative care (3%). In order to address any questions that you may have specifically pertaining to London Vision Clinic and these topics, we are going to be posting 6 blogs addressing these 6 themes for your peace of mind and convenience.

Recommendations coming in at the number one most important factor was not a huge surprise seeing as how many of our patients come to us through recommendations. This is often from friends or family members who have been patients. It is sometimes in the form of positive online reviews, other medical professionals, or television appearances. Below are just a few accounts from some of our satisfied patients.

Martin would recommend Professor Dan Reinstein and his staff to anyone considering corrective eye surgery. They were caring and reassuring, leaving it hard to imagine how the experience could have been improved. He was especially impressed with the open communication through every step. From the receptionists to his surgeon, everyone was happy to answer his questions, and left him feeling comfortable and confident with his decision to have his surgery with London Vision Clinic.

Catherine recommends London Vision Clinic for their professionalism, helpfulness, and their superior effort to make everything as easy as possible for their patients. Their thorough testing put her at ease and she was impressed as they answered every single question that she had. She remains satisfied and in awe of the results the clinic achieved for her.

For Alexander it was not just the exemplary expertise and aftercare, or the superior results and reputation, but the little things: receiving texts from his surgeon post-surgery, the warm friendliness of every single member of the staff, and the relaxing, safe environment. Alexander now unreservedly recommends London Vision Clinic’s services to anyone who is considering the procedure. Alexander’s one resounding post-operative thought was, “That was scarily easy! Why don’t more people have this done?!”