Feeling Nervous About Laser Eye Surgery?

It isn’t uncommon for many people to feel nervous and apprehensive prior to Laser Eye Surgery. For many people the mere thought of being awake for a medical procedure is disconcerting enough. For others it is the fear of pain.

At London Vision Clinic, we want to ensure that your apprehensions and nerves about the procedure are addressed before your procedure. We are available to respond to any concerns that you may have pertaining to the procedure and when conducted properly by a credible surgeon, Laser Eye Surgery will not hurt and the post-surgery discomfort will begin to diminish within hours. Here are a few personal accounts from our patients.

Unni was nervous before the operation, but realized the day of that it was needless worrying. She indicated that, “London Vision Clinic provided a relaxing atmosphere both prior and during the procedure.” Additionally, she felt no discomfort whatsoever and woke up to a painless and clear world the morning after.

Victoria was pleased with the staff’s professional attitude and helpful dedication to their patients. She admits that the nerves were omnipresent for the last two days prior to the procedure. She was surprised by how quick and painless the procedure was. Within just a few hours, pain was all but gone and within two days she was fully functional and had returned to her normal daily routine.

Zoe went from being nervous to being delighted with the results and calling it the best thing she had ever done. Today she would recommend it to any of her friends and family unhappy with their current vision.

Still Feeling Nervous?

We are here to help! Although we’d love to speak with you, we believe it is always best to get your questions addressed in person. Please feel free to contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

For 2017, we have updated this article to ‘Quick guide: Laser Eye Surgery and anxiety’