Love Sport? Three Reasons To Have Your Eyes Lasered

Anyone who is a leading player in their field knows how important their vision is to their performance. It is a given that most sports require good eyesight—particularly ball sports and those which rely on hand eye coordination such as football, cricket, shooting, tennis, and rugby—but when competing at the top level, the difference between good and excellent vision could be the difference between success and failure.

That being said, the joy of sport is not solely reserved for the top athletes, and neither are the benefits of perfect vision. Laser Eye Surgery has provided many amateur sportspeople—and those who just enjoy a swim or a game of tennis every so often—with a way to improve their experience of sport and as a result, their quality of life. Runners, hikers, skiers, and white water rafters are all among the patients we have treated here at London Vision Clinic.

Let’s take a look at the top three ways Laser Eye Surgery can benefit both professional and amateur/occasional sportspeople alike.

Immediate Results And Little Recovery Time

If you have LASIK or ReLEx SMILE surgery, in as little as three days post-surgery you could be back doing regular exercise—providing you are careful to avoid any activity that could lead to something touching or poking your eyes (that includes swimming and playing with children!)

Usually within two weeks patients are enjoying activities such as swimming, sailing, scuba diving, badminton, football, and skiing (while wearing eye protection). For high-impact sports such as martial arts and boxing, we recommend waiting until at least one month post-surgery.

20/20 Vision

Worldwide studies have shown that around 95% of those who receive LASIK surgery achieve 20/40 vision, and 85% achieve 20/20 vision or better. 20/40 vision is the level needed to pass your driver’s licence test in the US, while 20/20 vision is the minimum required to become a fighter pilot.

No More Corrective Eyewear

One of the greatest benefits of Laser Eye Surgery is that immediately following surgery patients are free from their contact lenses and glasses. That means, after a procedure of only 15-20 minutes, you could be free of the expenses and hassles of such eyewear for the rest of your life. Some of those inconveniences include:

  • Problems with contact lenses during sport (such as shifts in position or irritation from dust)
  • The chance of broken glasses
  • Expensive sport prescription glasses and googles
  • Not being able to compete in martial arts and other sports which don’t allow eyewear

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