I Tried Myleene’s Anti-Ageing Secret

With Laser Eye Surgery on the rise, Now’s Maddy Biddulph says goodbye glasses, hello world…

Kerry Katona’s due to have it this year, Denise Van Outen said hers changed her life and Myleene Klass has admitted she wishes she’d done it sooner. No, we are not talking boob jobs- we are talking Laser Eye Surgery. New research reveals that on average women who wear glasses look thre years older than they really are, while 45 percent of us hate the way they make us look. So can a 10-minute procedure really make you appear younger? Now Maddy Biddulph, 32 went to London Vision Clinic in Harley Street to find out.

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Before I discovered contact lenses I hardly ever wore my glasses. Unlike people who say they don’t notice them, I was painfully aware I had an ugly metal contraption on my face. Weird a it sounds, I actually felt blinder wearing them and would often walk into things.

While my eyesight wasn’t awful (I was short-sighted with a prescription of -2.25), like many people I was too scared to even consider Laser Eye Surgery. But after an extensive three-hour consultation at celebrity favourite the London Vision Clinic to see if I meet the criteria for LASIK surgery, I was sold.

For a start, I was reassured that the actual procedure only takes 10 minutes and contrary to what I’d assumed, It would be completely painless. Who would have thought that life could change so dramatically in the time it takes to make a cuppa and a sandwich?

After meeting my lovely surgeon Professor Dan Reinstein and signing the consent form, early the next morning I found myself back at the clinic nervously waiting for my surgery and obediently following the advice of my nurse, who gave me my pre-op medication as well as some posh biscuits to keep my blood sugar up – and keep me calm.

Then it was time for relaxing Indian head massage to calm me down (had I stumbled into a luxury spa by mistake?) before I was called into theatre. As I lay on bed, The nurse kindly handled me a cuddly dog to hold and then it was time for the lasers.

As I followed orders to look into a flashing green light I wasn’t even sure if the operation has started – and then it was all over! I couldn’t believe it had been so quick and while it was a little uncomfortable, it wasn’t at all painful. I was amazed. Stage two swiftly followed, which seemed to involve lots of drops in my eyes and a psychedelic show of flashing lights.

I barely had time to blink before Professor Reinstein announced that everything had gone perfectly. In the taxi home I fought back tears of joy as I effortlessly read out the street signs from distances I never wouldn’t have been able to see before.

For first seven days I had to wear a pair of plastic shields over my eyes at night and the only side effects I experienced were dry eyes for few weeks, which were dealt with using the clinic’s supply of drops.

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It’s been so seamless that it almost feels as if I imagined the whole thing. I won’t miss grappling with my contact lenses every day only to drop them down the sink. It’s also great to know I won’t need reading glasses’til at least my forties – although Professor Reinstein has already invented laser cure for reading vision called PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, so I’m covered!

My friends tell me that I look younger without my glasses and apparently my eyesight is now as good as fighter pilots at 20/16 better that ‘perfect 20/20 vision’. Maybe it’s time for career change- or at least a good excuse to buy a leather aviator jacket!

To find out if you are suitable for treatment, call London Vision Clinic for a free consultation on 0207 224 1005.