Quality Laser Eye Treatments

We see it all the time when we’re out to dinner, shopping on the high street, or browsing through magazines and catalogues. But it’s pretty odd to see it when researching a medical procedure.

I mean, to say something is quality implies that there are other versions of it that are not. It stands it up against the plethora of what’s on offer and says that this is of a higher standard and better than that.

So what does quality Laser Eye Surgery actually mean?

You instantly know what quality is when checking over a fake Louis Vuitton handbag on Las Ramblas. But, unfortunately, it’s not so easy to spot the differences when looking over the market of laser eye treatments.

Not to worry. We’re here to help you see beyond the branding and learn how to spot the real purveyors of high-quality Laser Eye Surgery.

Top notch service and care

Companies that offer ‘quality’ low-cost Laser Eye Surgery rely on attracting huge volumes of customers to stay afloat. That means rushed service, high-pressure sales calls, and a poor patient experience.

When a clinic isn’t required to hit a certain quota of treatments a day or to make so many sales, the focus shifts from quantity to quality, and patients receive proper service and care. That means no pressure, a dedicated staff, more time spent with the surgeon, and even added touches like complimentary chocolates and head massages.

Thorough screening and consultation

The initial consultation is the most important part of the Laser Eye Surgery process. This is where it’s determined if you’re a suitable candidate, factors that could cause complications are noted, and your personal treatment plan is drawn up.

Like some garages don’t give a thorough enough MOT test, some clinics take a generic and superficial approach to the screening process. Here, high-quality means measuring, analysing, and mapping your eyes in extremely fine detail, resulting in fewer risks and greater outcomes.

Cutting-edge technology

Laser Eye Surgery is a treatment that couldn’t exist without technology. And so, just as technology evolves, so do the treatments: constantly achieving greater levels of accuracy, safety, and performance.

Some clinics fail to update their equipment and systems in a bid to save on costs. As a result, they’re unequipped to handle more complex cases and can turn away up to twenty percent of patients. This is why it’s important to visit a handful of clinics before you conclude you’re not eligible for treatment, as well as always consider the standard of technology as an important measure of quality.

World-class surgeons

A laser eye surgeon can be anything from a recently qualified doctor to a specialist who has dedicated their career and life to the field.

When the surgeons helped design industry leading lasers that are being used in clinics all around the world, it’s clear to see which end of the scale they’re at. But it’s not always so easy to tell, and so it’s worth prodding a surgeon for details of their experience and qualifications. A good place to start is finding out if they’re on the UK Specialist Register or are Fellowship corneal specialists.

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