Thank you for giving us a 5-star rating on Trustpilot

When a patients leaves the clinic on the day of the procedure, they may think this is the end of their journey with us. Although this may be the case at some clinics, we like keep in touch and see them on a regular basis throughout our aftercare program.

Whereas this day may mark the end of a journey with us, though, the real one for them is just beginning. Once signed off by the surgeon, patients can go off into the world and enjoy their new found freedom from glasses and contacts and enjoy clear, high-quality vision.

Our duty is done, and we don’t expect any more time or commitments from our patients. We know how crazily busy their lives are, how rich their plans of what they’re going to do next are, and not to mention how much looking at a screen annoys them.

So when we see they go out of their way and write us a review, and not just any review, but a glowing five-star one, we can only be humbled and thankful. Being the ones to provide our patients with the gift of clear vision is enough for us, and yet, by contributing such kind words and enthusiastic testimonials, it does us the great favour of allowing us to expand our reach and make sure that gift changes even more peoples lives.

So thank you to everyone who has given us a five-star review. For those that are interested in our services and are wondering what all the fuss is about, here’s a few themes picked out from our Trustpilot reviews that help to sum up what we do here at London Vision Clinic.

Making information, not just your vision, as clear as can be

“Information was clear, treatment was professional at every stage, my surgeon was very reassuring through every aspect of the procedure.” — Alan

“Not only are the results of my surgery fantastic, the staff are all excellent and friendly, and keen to inform and guide wherever possible.” — Henry

The Laser Eye Surgery industry is awash with unclear and, let’s face it, often downright deceitful information. Rather than brushing over the fact, we straight up admit this. As eye experts with a dedication to world-class service and care, it is our duty to clear up any confusions and make sure people are thoroughly and accurately informed.

To help lay out the facts, we’ve produced the most comprehensive guide to Laser Eye Surgery anywhere in the world. But that’s not all; as our patients point out, you also need to know what’s going on and be informed throughout every stage of the Laser Eye Surgery process.

This is where the expertise of our staff comes in. From our surgeons to our patient care coordinators, each member of our team is expertly skilled in their area and has been carefully chosen for their experience and dedication in going the extra mile for our patients.

A team that’s dedicated to you and vision correction

“I would highly recommend the Vision Clinic. Everyone from Professor Reinstein to the reception staff have been so caring and reassuring.” — Angela

“I am very happy with the results and glad I did overcome my original fears. I highly recommend Glenn Carp, his manner made me feel calm and his skills are the best.”  — Emily

There are many reasons why someone may take up a career in Laser Eye Surgery. And like any in-demand industry, money is inevitably going to be one of them.

There is certainly money to be made in the Laser Eye Surgery industry. But as any of our patients would tell you after meeting our team, it is not why we are in the business. Our founder, Professor Dan Reinstein, set up the London Vision Clinic to help bring clear vision to as many people as possible. He is one of the few Ophthalmic Surgeons in the world to dedicate his entire career to this field, and his commitment and passion is clear in the research and work he does to help advance the industry.

This love and enthusiasm for providing the gift of clear vision is a prerequisite for working at the London Vision Clinic. Our Nurses, Optometrists, Patient Care Coordinators, and Clinic Coordinators are all in it for the transformative effects of the treatment and the look on peoples’ faces when they walk out being able to see like never before.

The extra touches that make all the difference

“Excellent surgeon who also text in the evening of the surgery to find out how I was doing, which is not something he had to do. LVC is an excellent place, team members highly professional at the same time very approachable, highly recommend to anyone who is considering laser eye surgery.” — Nasima

“On the day you get a massage to relax, you are treated very well by all staff members.” — Ryan

Having Laser Eye Surgery is a big deal. It may be an incredibly sophisticated, quick, and pain-free treatment, but it deals with one of our most precious senses. And so, no matter how safe and effective the procedure, there can’t help but be a little fear and heightened emotion along the way.

This means, even when you have all the information you need, the most qualified and appropriately trained staff for the job, and the latest and safest technology, if something doesn’t ‘feel’ right, then none of it matters. Sometimes this is a feeling we just have to live with and get over, but a lot of the time, as is the case here, it can be avoided and soothed with just a little extra care.

We understand the importance of feeling comfortable with your surgeon and treatment, so we make sure this extra care comes as standard. From the relaxation session prior to your treatment, including massage and chocolates, to direct access to your surgeon post op, including their personal phone number, when you have Laser Eye Surgery with us, you can expect nothing less than first-class service and world-class care.