Why Choose An Independent Laser Eye Surgery Clinic?

Your choice of clinic is one of the most important parts of your Laser Eye Surgery journey. Of course, every clinic is different, and we wouldn’t wish to make generalisations about all high-street providers and chains. However, here are some of the reasons why London Vision Clinic is proud to be a surgeon-lead, independent clinic.

No high-pressure sales calls

The need to attract huge volumes of Laser Eye Surgery patients means that some clinics rely on high-pressure sales tactics to bring in business. At London Vision Clinic, we have a ‘no pressure’ philosophy. We want you to have laser eye surgery because you’re excited about and ready for the procedure – not because you find it difficult to say no!

Call centres

With a high volume of calls (inbound as well as outbound sales calls) comes the need for a large number of staff. Often high street clinics have large contact centres and sometimes even use 3rd party telesales companies to handle the call volumes. This can lead to variations in the knowledge, experience and customer service levels of the people you speak to. Independent Laser Eye Surgery clinics tend to deal mainly with inbound calls, and in much lower volumes, so do not need large call centres. Calls are usually handled by internally trained staff who are knowledgeable, experienced and used to handling all manner of enquiries, making for a consistently higher quality of service.


At London Vision Clinic, every patient will have a consultation with their treating surgeon on a separate day from their surgery. Again, due to high volumes of patients, many larger chains cannot or do not offer this. We feel that every patient should get to know their surgeon before their surgery – not only to build a relationship, but also so that any remaining questions can be answered and the surgeon can ensure that the patient is both clinically and psychologically ready for the procedure.

Surgeon expertise

The London Vision Clinic is run by Professor Dan Reinstein – one of the most experienced and respected Laser Eye surgeons in the world. His colleague Mr Glenn Carp had been hand-picked for their expertise, and have undergone extensive training programmes. The lack of regulation within the Laser Eye Surgery industry means that standards, unfortunately, do vary between providers. We feel it is important to choose a clinic where you can find out about your surgeon before committing to treatment; your clinic should be able and willing to tell you about your surgeon’s credentials, experience and expertise. It is important to find out whether your surgeon has had formal refractive surgery training and for how long, how many procedures they perform per year, and whether they are a corneal specialist (and, specifically, an expert in the procedure you are planning to undergo).

At the London Vision Clinic, we pride ourselves on treating every patient as an individual, and providing the best possible care to every patient throughout the entire process.

To experience the difference for your self, book a no-obligation consultation with us now by calling 020 7224 1005.