Life After Laser Eye Surgery: The Ability To Do Sports

For athletes who require the assistance of vision corrective devices, Laser Eye Surgery can be a dream come true. It can be an extremely liberating experience to not have to worry about losing a contact or breaking your glasses. For some people with more severe vision impediments, sports are not only a challenge but a goal that rests on the other side of an impassable impasse. This may have felt isolating as a child growing up, unable to hit the ball in baseball or kick the ball in football. In gym classes, if you were anything like my brother, you may have broken numerous pairs of glasses in a valiant effort to fit in, only to come home to mum and dad, head bowed and frames reassembled feebly in tape. As an adult, you have probably moved past these childish feelings of isolation and developed coping skills or taken up alternative hobbies. But for those who still fantasize from time to time about picking up the tennis racket or putting on a mitt, corrective eye surgery can provide you with the opportunity to incorporate new athletic endeavors into your daily routine. But you don’t have to take my word for it…

Naomi was a patient in 2012 and since her surgery she claims that Laser Eye Surgery has enabled to her to take part in sports that were previously troublesome since she was no longer inhibited by steaming glasses and rain spots. No more lens. No more trouble.

Wendy sat on the idea of corrective eye surgery for two years before deciding to follow through. She was reassured by her first consultation and since the procedure, her life has dramatically changed-for the better! She now participates in more sports and feels more confident when socialising.

Gemma’s life took a stark turn for the athletic. She has since started cycling to work every day. She also notices a dramatic difference when she plays tennis. For Gemma, life is better when it’s clearer, both on and off the court.

If you have been grappling with the idea of improving your game through better vision, London Vision Clinic has the highest of satisfactory ratings and is there for you every step of the way. A consultation may be just the jolt you need to make up your mind, or at the very least an opportunity to ask some of those questions that you’ve been wrestling with.