What Are My Chances Of Seeing 20/20 After Laser Eye Surgery?

The chances of seeing 20/20 are extremely high.  Again each clinic will be able to provide you with specific results based on your specific refractive error.  This is the key point in terms of understanding this question.  Each clinic with their technology will be able to provide you or should be able to provide you before the treatment with an idea of what the likelihood of your achieving 20/20 is.

In short, the results after Laser Eye Surgery usually depend on your prescription. Many clinics usually report results that show up a chance of 95% of patients have 20/20 vision (or better) after Laser Eye Surgery Click here to see London Vision Clinic results.

Mr Glenn Carp talks about the likelihood of seeing 20:20 after the surgery and how the London Vision Clinic can provide specific results according to your specific.

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