What Are London Vision Clinic’s Results With Myopic (Short-Sighted) Patients?

Mr Glenn Carp – “When a patient is looking to have Laser Eye Surgery, it is very important that they are looking at the clinic’s results but much more importantly than looking at the general results outcome, they need to really try and work out what is specific to their specific refractive error, so a lot of clinics will post their results in a very generalised format and of course if you are a –10 patient as opposed to a –2 patient, there may be a big difference in the result outcomes.

London Vision Clinic enjoys some of the best results in the market at the moment because we have invested very heavily in our technology and our expertise, so again it is very important that every patient when they are looking to examine the results of a clinic that they are always looking to find out the results pertaining to their specific outcomes.”

Results With Myopia (Short-Sighted) Patients Explained Further…

100% of all patients with myopia treated at London Vision Clinic reached the UK driving standard of “20/40″ vision or better. Indeed, 97% of myopic patients with prescriptions up to -4.50 dioptres attained vision better than “20/20″ vision (20/16 vision).

This chart reflects our most recent results with myopic patients.

Mr Glenn Carp discusses London Vision Clinic’s results with myopia patients.

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I had no issues with wearing lenses, and was therefore a little apprehensive about lasik blended vision to correct my myopia/presbyopia. Having had the procedure done, it was worth every penny. I’m lens free, and well adjusted after only one month post procedure. Thank you Dan et al!!– Mark S

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