What Are The Advantages Of PRK Treatment, And When Will A Surgeon Recommend It?

Mr Glenn Carp – “PRK has some advantages over LASIK in certain patients.  The patients who are very active, do lots of sports, particularly sports which are contact related, for example boxing, martial arts, high impact sports like wind surfing, kite surfing and things like that.  So where we may suspect the patient may develop an injury to the eye or have a much higher risk of injury, PRK would lend itself to those treatments.  Also patients with extremely thin corneas sometimes, more of the prescription is able to be treated because you are not losing some of the tissue in creating a flap.  So in some patients PRK will be more of an advantage over LASIK.”

Advantages Of PRK Explained Further…

Although the result achieved can be as good as those by either LASIK or LASEK, with PRK the surgeon mechanically removes the cornea’s surface and therefore discomfort and recovery times are significantly higher. Generally, vision will be good enough to drive a car within two to three weeks following surgery, but you may not achieve your best vision until 6 weeks to 3 months following PRK surgery.

Mr Glenn Carp talks about the advantages of PRK treatment and when it would be recommended by surgeons.

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