Why Can London Vision Clinic Treat Higher Prescriptions Than The Norm?

Mr Glenn Carp – “A lot of it is due to the technology that we have here at our disposal.  Some of it is just due to having the latest mechanical equipment, so we have invested heavily on the latest technology, new laser platforms, scanning equipment etc. and then also it is due to the actual profiles that we use to reshape the eye. Over the years, London Vision Clinic with the help of Professor Reinstein have developed their own specific profiles which allow us to treat the same refractive error as a conventional treatment profile but is much more tissue sparing than those profiles and this has all been proven and published through the scientific literature.”

Treatment For Higher Prescriptions Explained Further…

Many patients will notice that London Vision Clinic is able to treat prescriptions that are higher than those commonly treatable with Laser Eye Surgery in other clinics. One of our values is to be reassuringly rigorous, to do this; we spend a great deal of time with patients to conduct their preoperative screening.

This extremely thorough evaluation is coupled with unique assessment technology (i.e. Artemis Insight 100) that can assist us in approving cases that would be considered borderline at most clinics. Because we don’t attract excessively large numbers of people to our clinic, we’re able to spend as much time as necessary seeing one patient in the same amount of time it may take other clinics to see as much as four.

We further enhance our confidence by repeating many of the tests we do in extreme conditions (i.e. full darkness pupillometry, reduced light contrast sensitivity testing, dilated refractions). Again, all of this takes time, and if we needed to rush patients through a pipeline, we would not have the ability to perform all of these tests.

Employing a full-time research manager enables us to efficiently offer individualised treatment plans and enables us to help patients with unique needs (i.e. reading vision, High Profile procedures, wavefront-guided treatments to treat higher order aberrations). High street surgeons that have considerably higher volume quotas may prefer to treat the easier cases at a faster rate. The fact that many clinics remunerate surgeons on a per-procedure basis aids to create an incentive to treat more routine cases.

Having only three expert surgeons perform surgery enables us to approve more patients for surgery. We do not have to worry about differences in levels of experience or expertise in our surgeons, and because either Mr. Carp or Professor Reinstein see every case before surgery, we can be confident that our screening net is sufficiently stringent. In addition, because accuracy decreases as -operative prescription increases, many clinics may want to keep their results high by treating easier cases. London Vision Clinic’s results exceed the standard among all prescriptions; so again, we need not concern ourselves with tarnishing our results.

Lastly, because of our commitment to aftercare, we are happy to approve patients who may have a greater likelihood of needing an enhancement. Clinics know that individuals with higher pre-operative prescriptions have a greater chance of needing an enhancement. Because of this, many clinics will limit their exposure with these patients by refusing to treat them.

Mr Glenn Carp explains treatment for very high prescriptions at the London Vision Clinic.

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