Why should the young have all the fun?

Every year we celebrate our chronological age, i.e how many years we’ve lived since our mothers performed the gracious act of bringing us into the world.

But once you get beyond thirty or forty you begin to realise this isn’t a true representation of how old you are. Somehow the numbers keep going up but you don’t feel like you’re ageing with them.

In some senses, you feel younger than ever. Your mind is sharp, your body is in good shape, and you’re way better at handling stress and worry and all the other things in life that are known to accelerate ageing.

But the years continue stacking up. More candles get added to the cake. Bigger and bigger numbers approach and scare you out of your skin.If it was only the one reminder a year, it wouldn’t be so bad. That awkward annual celebration where you get just drunk enough to forget why you’re there but still manage to keep it together for the mother-in-law.

If it was only the one reminder a year, it wouldn’t be so bad. That awkward celebration where you get drunk enough to forget why you’re there but stay sober enough to keep it together in front of the mother-in-law.

Unfortunately, however, the reminders of ageing are much more frequent: falling asleep at 9 pm, not understanding what younger generations are saying, and taking a whole week to recover the gym, being just a few. Most of these things can be improved by shaking up your diet and lifestyle, but they’re all an inevitable part of getting older, and — at least today — are irreversible.

But your vision is a different matter — it can be maintained and even restored to its former glory. And when you have clear and healthy vision, when you see the world through the same eyes of your youth, you’re not quick to settle for some date on a calendar or meaningless numbers on a birthday card. You’re not constantly reminded of your age when you put on your glasses. You don’t get disheartened when you arrive at work to see a giant inflatable 5 and 0 tied to your desk. None of the inevitable reminders of getting older bother you as much or stop you from enjoying life to the full.

Let’s face it, you know you’re not your chronological age, but when your body isn’t functioning at its best, it can be easy to forget. Reclaim your youthful vision and see life through new eyes with our revolutionary treatment for reading glasses, PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision.

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