Will My Results Be Better If I Have Laser Eye Surgery At A Younger Age?

Our extensive and rigorous screening process at London Vision Clinic determines your suitability for Laser Eye Surgery regardless of age. However, at the London Vision Clinic we do not treat some younger people under the age of 21. This is because in some cases there are certain underlying medical conditions of the eye that do not present themselves until a certain age. This is mainly due to a genetic condition called keratoconus, which is something you are born with,  but which will not show up until your eyes and body are more mature.

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“Your age has got nothing to do with your healing and your end result after surgery. It is just as suitable for our older patients as it is for our younger patients.”

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“I had been considering laser surgery for 10 years but was not confident enought that the results/treatment would be ‘worth the risk’. my sister in law recommended LVC and within 1 week had my Initial Consultation and within 3 weeks the full operation. The treatment and surgery both pre and post op are fantastic and I am always recommending LVC to friends and colleagues”. Ian

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