Your Career And Your Eye-Sight

Everyone from military personnel, professional sportspeople to accountants and financial advisors all require precise vision to do their job effectively.

A missed shot due to loosing a contact lens, a poor decision to advance into enemy territory because of your myopia or short-sightedness, or even an unnoticed mistake on the company’s balance sheet the day you left your glasses at home; these are all circumstances which could spell disaster for your career and yet, could all be avoided by having the quick and painless vision correction procedure generally known as Laser Eye Surgery.

Professional Sportsmen And Women

The examples above may sound a little bit far-fetched, but I think the world’s number one ranked tennis player, Novak Djokovic, would disagree.

The young Serbian encountered problems with his contact lenses at the ATP World Tour Finals in a match against the great Rafael Nadal. The players were tied at 5 all when Djokovic’s right eye became irritated and he was forced to call a ‘time out’. Djokovic quickly grabbed another pair from his locker room and play immediately resumed. However, the problem persisted and Djokovic lost the rest of the match outright in straight sets.

“I really feel sick talking about it… It has never happened to me before. My right eye got irritated, and from the five-all I could not play. I could not see the ball, especially the return. It was just terrible!”

The troubles of contact lenses and glasses can strike at any moment, but such inconveniences are far from the only reasons to consider Laser Eye Surgery to improve your sporting career.

Studies have shown around 95% of patients who have LASIK surgery achieve 20/40 vision, and 85% achieve 20/20 or better. At London Vision Clinic, we pride ourselves on our record of outstanding results and strive for nothing less than the best for each and every one of our patients.

Still not convinced? You may be deterred by the thought of spending weeks away from the playing field; if that is true, you will be pleased to here that in as little as three days you could be back doing regular exercise.

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Military Personnel And Members Of The Armed Services

There has long been a debate in the Army regarding Laser Eye Surgery and the after-effects the surgery may have on its soldiers—particularly those routinely in a position of physical combat.

However, these concerns have long been put to rest, and as the benefits relating to convenience and performance have transpired, many laser vision correction programs for soldiers and military personal have popped up.

Here are a few words from Col. William P. Madigan, ophthalmology consultant to the Army surgeon general, and practicing ophthalmologist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D.C:

“Soldiers perform better if they don’t have to worry about breaking eyeglasses, losing contact lenses, or glasses and lenses fogging up at crucial moments. Moreover, compatibility of eyewear with night vision goggles, gas masks, aiming devices and other systems is a constant source of concern.”

Professionals In The Financial Sector

It is a common fact that computer use among office workers has increased exponentially over the past few decades. But less commonly known is the effect this has had on our health—most notably on our vision and eye health.

Due to the strain that screens cause our eyes, computer users need good vision. The best step you can take towards achieving greater vision is to book a consultation with one of our vision correction specialists.

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