Fitting Laser Eye Surgery Into Your Hectic Schedule

In an era where time is of the essence, fitting in any appointments or commitments can be a difficult task for an already fully booked schedule. Making time to fit in Laser Eye Surgery into your busy schedule is a commitment that should not be delayed. The sooner the procedure is conducted, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of improved vision. Imagine what it will be like to be able to see the minute you open your eyes in a morning.

Taking an initial consultation into having Laser Eye Surgery can easily be fitted in to a lunch break at work or whilst waiting to pick the children up from school. The consultancy will consist of a few tests on your eyes and a few easy questions. Obtaining information into Laser Eye Surgery doesn’t take long and your suitability for a procedure can be confirmed in a short space of time.

The Laser Eye Surgery itself is a fast procedure which takes only 15 minutes per eye. Though the procedure doesn’t require a lot of time you will need to rest your eye for that day and possibly the next, depending on which procedure is most suitable for you. Using the LASIK procedure you can be up on your feet enjoying your new vision from as early as the next day.

With a fast healing process the procedure of Laser Eye Surgery can be completed on any day of the week. Taking a half day at work or having it completed at a weekend will have a minimal effect on your busy lifestyle and prevent any drastic changes to a hectic schedule. With practically no pain and minimal restrictions on activity after the first few days of recovery most of your life will have returned to normality.

In some scenarios, such as having LASEK surgery performed, your Laser Eye Surgery can be booked at the beginning of a week off work. As the LASEK procedure takes longer to heal your hectic schedule has already taken a pause so your body can focus on healing your eye. Having LASEK at the beginning of a week off will minimise any lifestyle interruptions.

Though LASEK is more uncomfortable than LASIK it still provides enhanced vision within the first few days though you may experience slightly watery eyes as your cornea heals from the surgery. This will not affect your busy lifestyle though it is always advisable to have some assistance during the healing process, for example if you have children.