Youtuber and Fashion Blogger Sophie Milner has ReLEx SMILE

Sophie Milner, the face behind the popular blog Fashion Slave, is known for her empowering, glamorous, and often cut-throat commentary on everything from beauty and fashion to relationships and travel.

But more recently she’s become known for her Youtube channel, where she shares videos on topics like her non-surgical nose job, fashion hauls of the seasons latest wears from brands like Zara, and her 100-day reset which documents 100 days of replacing her old skincare products with a new range of health-promoting supplements and products.

In a short time and with just a handful of videos, Sophie’s channel has quickly become one the go-to places for beauty and fashion advice for young women in London and around the world. And in one of her latest videos, she shares her experience with something she’s been thinking about having done for years: Laser Eye Surgery.

Sophie presents the video at three weeks post op — long after her eyes have recovered and her vision has fully stabilised. It includes footage from the morning of the surgery, when she was feeling a few pre-op jitters, the procedure itself (filmed by her lovely dad), and at various stages throughout her recovery.

As a beauty blogger with a hectic schedule and strict gym regime, Sophie opted for ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery. SMILE offers many advantages over the traditional LASIK procedure, including less time to perform, the ability to treat higher than usual prescriptions, and fewer after effects like dry eye. But the main benefit for most people — as I’m sure it was for Sophie — is the rapid healing time that means you can be pretty much back to your normal routine within the very same day.

A few hours after the procedure, following a period of rest with her eyes closed, Prof Reinstein explains how Sophie is once again able to use her phone, computer, and watch TV like normal. Her eyes may be a little bit foggy and scratchy — as if she’d rubbed her eye after getting shampoo in it, as she describes — but the feeling would be nothing unusual or foreign. With everything she needs in her aftercare package, it was time to head home.

After 15-16 years of wearing contacts and glasses, Sophie went from a -4.75 prescription to 20/20 at her 24-hour post-op appointment. And with her eyes still a little foggy and recovering, this level was only set to improve. But Sophie’s eyes were healing faster than average, and sooner than expected she was signed off to exercise, drink alcohol, and critically, wear mascara again.

Three things she didn’t wait around to test out, heading straight to the gym for a gentle weights workout and having a boozy night out on the town. But other than avoiding the Stairmaster and lights being a little bit glowy at night (which she thought was actually kind of nice), all was well.

Sophie wraps up by saying how weird it is to wake up and be able to see and stressing how happy she is — even going as far as saying, “It’s the best thing I’ve ever, ever had done!”

On a final, somewhat cautionary note, Sophie points out it’s important to make sure you find a good clinic and an experienced laser eye surgeon. Find out more about Laser Eye Surgery and Sophie’s surgeon, Professor Dan Reinstein, by getting in touch with us today.