Side Effects Of Having Laser Eye Surgery

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A common misconception about Laser Eye Surgery is that there are a great number of adverse side effects. People fear that the surgery itself is painful and that the recovery is arduous. That is simply not true. When going through a credible clinic, the procedure itself should be painless. Additionally, there should only be minimal and short lived discomfort following the procedure. At London Vision Clinic, we pride ourselves on our top tier trained medical professionals, and our long standing reputation as a safe and reliable clinic.

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Comfortable From The Start

For instance, Nicola felt completely satisfied with LoVC’s services from the second they began. Everyone was happy to help, the procedure was painless, and she was happy with the results by the next morning. After six weeks she was still side-effect free, and her vision was better than 20/20. Her only regret was that she waited so long to go through with the procedure.

Similarly, Denis learned about London Vision Clinic through a friend who had nothing but positive things to say about his own experience. At the time, he wasn’t especially interested. However, as time went on, Denis’s vision worsened and his glasses became less comfortable. At long last, he decided to explore his options.

All of the pre-operative care was extremely thorough, reassuring him that he was in the most qualified of hands. On the day of his surgery, every aspect went smoothly. Denis does experience mild diffractions at night when he looks directly at a bright light, but finds this to be a “minor and inconsequential” side effect, in comparison to the benefits of the surgery. However, the end result is more in his favour. For example, his long distance sight is better than it ever was with vision corrective aids prior to the procedure and he can once again read small print without any issues. For Denis, the biggest disappointment was having to wear a sleep mask for the following week to avoid accidentally rubbing his recently revamped eyes but besides that he enjoys his new eyes everyday.

While second hand accounts can be helpful, we understand that they are just words. If you are still experiencing doubt or have questions you want answered, then please feel free to set up a nonobligatory consultation.

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