Smart Gadgets And Dry Eyes, An Eye Clinic On Harley Street Has Help For That

Iphones, laptops, and colossal digital screens dominate our everyday lives forcing us to move away from paper products and focus on going digital.

With the emergence of new technology over the past several years, one has to wonder will this affect vision and increase the prevalence of glasses. The real question is: Will the advance of more and more technological products have a negative effect on our vision?

Let’s face it, no one wants to have glasses because losing or breaking them can become an expensive and annoying inconvenience. As a top eye clinic on Harley Street, here are some of our suggestions to protect your eyes from these smart gadgets.     LVC pic 3

Staring at screens can become a daily habit for most of us especially students and professionals who are constantly using laptops to communicate and do work.  The common belief that staring at computer screens for  too long will lead to wearing glasses is not entirely true, but staring at screens for long durations is definitely not ‘good’ for your eyes.

No More Blinking!

One of the ways that staring at screens too long can impact your vision is developing itchy and inflamed eyes. The eye clinic on Harley Street explains that when you stare at a screen for too long to write a paper or prepare a document for a meeting it can lead to symptom called dry eyes.  As a result, your eyes become itchy because the eye simply ‘forgets’ to blink.  Eye-blinking rates can lower from 12-15 blinks per minute to 7-8, which is ALMOST HALF!  Furthermore, the lubricant in your eyes known as the tear film does not work properly resulting in dry eyes.

Don’t give up hope yet!  As an eye clinic on Harley Street, we at London Vision Clinic suggest multiple ways to prevent dry eyes and prevent this problem from getting worse.

1. First, get into the habit of developing a 20/20 rule where you work or study.  For every twenty minutes looking at the screen take a 20 second break and focus your eyes on an object like your diary or the scenery outside your window.  This does not mean go on your phone, Ipad or, watch TV because the whole purpose of this exercise is to get away from screens and monitors.

2. Additionally, a couple of simple ways to reduce dry eyes is to lower the brightness of the monitor as well as changing the focus of your eyes on the screen now and then

Hopefully, these tips will be of use when you have a hectic day at the office or are cramming for an exam. Lastly, we would like you to remember that it is important to keep your eyes healthy and take a break from the chaos now and then.

An Eye Clinic On Harley Street Helps The Problem Of Dry Eyes